Proprietor and land Valuation
Yorkbuildings £40.0.0
Rainyshill £366.13.4
Boddoms £100.0.0
Parkhill £500.13.4
Kinmundy £366.13.4
Sir Arthur Forbes £103.4.0
Rosehall £346.16.0
Govill £80.0.0
Elrick £550.0.0
[Total] £2454.0.0
Yorkbuildings £300.0.0
Gilkimstone £501.1.2
Town of Old Aberdeen £469.8.10
Spithill £200.0.0
Scotstown £150.0.0
Berryhill £52.4.4
Baillie Blacks' Fishing £181.2.4
Walter Cochrans' Fishing £166.13.4
Petter Lendrum £16.14.0
Taylor's Boxmaster Abdn [Aberdeen] £8.14.0
Andrew Hunter £8.14.0
Watts Mortification £16.1.8
Fullertons Mortification £179.13.6
George Paull £8.14.0
Hilltown £40.0.0
Parkhill £243.6.8
Sunnyside £45.0.0
Captn. [Captain] Fraser's part of Fraserfield £591.19.0
Provost Livingstons' part of Fraserfield £128.1.0
Grandhome & Whitestryps £710.0.0
Pitmuckstown £120.0.0
Rudrystown £300.0.0
Seaton £166.13.4
Mr Middletons' Fishing £166.13.4
Cotton £293.6.8
Teinde Fishing of Kings Cavell £100.0.0
Ponies & Fishing £216.13.4
Invernetty's Fishing £200.0.0
Grandhome's Fishing £166.13.4
[Total] £5747.7.10
Kirkhill £66.13.4
Stonnywood £700.0.0
Auchmull £123.19.2
Mugiemoss £42.14.2
Crabstown £240.0.0
Scleattie £140.0.0
[Total] £1313.6.8
New Aberdeen
Earl of Aberdeen's Fishing £266.13.4
Loanmay's Fishing £166.13.4
[Total] £433.6.8
Church Lands
Bishop of Aberdeen £1666.13.4
Arch-Bishop of St Andrews £150.0.0
Parsonage of Auchterless £100.0.0
Parsonage of Turreff £300.0.0
[Total] £2216.13.4

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[Each Parish Signed] James Udny CCS [Clerk to the Commissioners of Supply]

This is the Exact Account of the Valued Rents of the whole Lands lying within the Shire of Aberdeen, and the several Parishes therof, contained in this and the Twenty preceeding Pages conform to which Valued Rents, the Lands within the said Shire presently pay Cess and other publick Burthens. Extracted from the Valuation and Cess Books upon this Twenty eight day of May One thousand Seven hundred and fifty four years [28 May 1754] by one Mr James Udny Clerk to the Commissioners of Supply of the said Shire.
[Signed] James Udny CCS [Clerk to the Commissioners of Supply]

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