Proprietor and land Valuation
1 parish of Leslie
Laird of Leslie £833.0.0
Mr James Leith £200.0.0
Whithaugh £533.6.8
Summa is £1566.6.8
2 parish of Premnay
Laird of Leslie £666.13.4
George Gordon of Rothnie two hundreth sextie sex pund 13 ss [shillings] 4 d [pence] £266.13.4
John Moir of Barnes £366.13.4
Mr George Leith £100.0.0
Overhall and Ederlick £478.0.0
Summa is £1878.0.0
3 parish of Inch
Earle of Marr £304.0.0
David Tyrie for Duniedeir £333.6.8
George Leith of Threefeild £116.13.4
Laird of Wardhouss £160.0.0
John Logie of Boddome £200.0.0
William Logie Threttie Sex punds ten shilling £36.10.0
Nether Boddom £114.10.0
John Ross of Drumrossie £200.0.0
George Gordon of Rothnie £36.0.0
Mr Alexander Ross minister at Monymusk £247.0.0
Mr Alexander Forbes For Large and meikle wardess £354.0.0
Johnsleyes £66.13.4
Summa is £2168.13.4

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