Proprietor and land Valuation
17 parish of Midmarr
Ballogie £960.0.0
Laird of Cluney for Litle Sauchen £65.0.0
Laird of Corsindae £712.0.0
Summa is £1737.0.0
18 parish of Eight
Laird of Eight £1178.0.0
Robert Skene £89.0.0
Barbara Ædie £21.0.0
Ares of George Ædie £42.0.0
Laird of Drum £575.0.0
Alexander Harper £160.0.0
Thomas Forbes of Knockuquharne and his wodsett of Finersie £250.15.0
Relict of John Sandilands £49.0.0
Summa is £2364.15.0
19 parish of Cluny
Laird of Cluney £633.6.8
Lord Fraser £560.0.0
Ladie Cursindae younger £53.6.8
Lord Forbes £26.13.4
James Ross £280.0.0
Thomas Burnet of Sauchen £310.0.0
Summa is £1863.6.8
Summa of the haill presbitrie of Kincardine is
Thirtie Two Thousand Two Hundreth fyftie fyve pund thirteen shilling and six pennies

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Presbitrie of Kincardine

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