Proprietor and land Valuation
4 parish of Reathen
Earle of Marischall £380.0.0
Lord Fraser for his owne and the conjunct feu Land £1400.0.0
Laird of Inveralochie £600.0.0
Lord Saltoune for him self and Auchirrs £1000.0.0
Jaffry of Carthies £30.0.0
Salterhills £60.0.0
Summa is £3520.0.0
5 parish of Deer
Earle of Marischall £1693.10.0
Collonell Fullartone £700.0.0
Laird Straloch £800.0.0
Lands of Pitfour £600.0.0
Lands of Knock £200.0.0
[L]itle Creichie £133.6.8
Laird of Ludquharne £300.0.0
Alexander Dalgarno £150.0.0
George Rankine & Thomas Forbes £150.0.0
Gilbert Keith of Creichie £133.6.8
Alexander Keith £24.0.0
Mr Nathaniell Martine £40.0.0
Airs of John Ross £67.0.0
Lands of Clachriach £450.0.0
Alexander Strachan of meikle Creichie £153.6.8
Patrick Strachan of Annachie £200.0.0
Alexander Elphinstone of Warthill £300.0.0
Earle Marischall for viccardge [vicarage] £300.0.0
John Walker £33.6.8
Summa is £6427.16.8

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