Proprietor and land Valuation
7 Parish of Forgue
George Moriesone of Bognie £666.13.4
Couland £200.0.0
Comistie £100.0.0
Walter Leslie for the airs of Doctor Douglass £266.13.4
Corniehaugh £88.13.4
Glenmellen £66.13.4
Bogfawtoune £88.13.4
Auchintender £66.13.4
Airs of Thomas Cushney £350.0.0
John Watt £83.6.8
James Davidson for pardarg £140.6.8
Robert Spence £152.0.0
James Wishart £80.0.0
Lord Newbyth £100.0.0
John Hamiltone of Cowbardie £666.13.4
Lord Frendraught and David Gregorie £666.13.4
James Gordon £100.0.0
Aires of Mr Andro Massie £53.6.8
Summa is £3936.6.8
Summa of the haill presbitrie of Turreff is
Twentie Seven Thousand Eight Hundreth thirtie fyve pund thirteen shill [shillings] and eight pennies

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Presbitrie of Turreff

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