Proprietor and land Valuation
6 parish of Auchterless
Laird of Hatton £666.13.4
Lady Cocklerachie £100.0.0
William White £120.0.0
Badenscoth £587.19.8
Laithers £233.6.8
Blackfoord £133.6.8
Rotmethes £60.0.0
Patrick Gordon and Patrick Forbes £53.6.8
James Leslie £26.13.4
John Gordon of Law £155.12.0
Templand £26.13.4
Marquess of Huntley for Logie attoune & Mulettie £266.13.4
Montlettie for Nether third £80.0.0
John Ogilvie £40.0.0
Ladie Towie £500.0.0
Relict of Alexander Mitchell £36.13.4
Baillie Duncan £40.0.0
Relict of Mr Robert Thompsone £26.13.4
Summa is £3153.6.8

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