Proprietor and land Valuation
5 parish of Montquhyter
William Cuming of Auchry £733.6.8
Mr Adam Broune £62.4.0
Tolquhone for Litle Auchry £100.0.0
Tolquhon for Litartie £166.13.4
Thomas Grant £60.0.0
Idoch in Montquhyter £180.0.0
Alexander Bruce £40.0.0
Alexander Shand for Greines £40.0.0
William Bannerman £60.0.0
Balquhollie £266.13.4
Thomas Mowats wadsett £74.0.0
Brounhill £55.11.2
Hairmoss £66.13.4
Keathen £40.0.0
Greens and Allathers £300.0.0
Aires of Walter Simpsone £30.0.0
Summa is £2275.10.10

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