Proprietor and land Valuation
Summa of the haill presbitrie of the Garioch is £34212.13.4
1 parish of Alphord
Laird of Balfluig £1233.6.8
Alexander Gareoch of Litle endovie £415.0.0
Forbes of Haughtone and William Ried £300.0.0
Alexander Forbes of Auchintoull £108.0.0
Laird of Balfluig portioner throf [thereof] £65.0.0
Mr John Setoune portioner throf [thereof] £85.0.0
Alexander Gareoch portioner ther £24.0.0
Mr William Setone portioner there £95.0.0
William Bonar portioner £26.10.0
John Mitchell £46.0.0
William Gareoch £140.0.0
William Mitchell £58.0.0
John Keir £50.0.0
William Logie £50.0.0
John Forbes of Asloune £200.0.0
William Forbes of Asloune £200.0.0
Jean Forbes £30.16.0
Summa is £3126.12.8
2 parish of Touch
Archibald Reid £150.0.0
Patrick Leslie of Kincragie £165.0.0
George Leslie of Kincragie £165.0.0
George Wilsone for meikle Abercatie £80.0.0
Patrick Farquhar of Tonley £590.14.0
William Forbes of Camphill £310.0.0
George Gordon of Ardgowes £50.0.0
William Forbes of Tilliekierie £160.0.0
Summa is £1670.14.0

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Presbitrie of Alphord
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