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I William Brunton Surveyor aforesaid do hereby certify that upon careful examination I find
the above dutys amount to the sum of Eighty Six pounds one Shilling and Six pence and that
upon the Fourth day of November I delivered to John Robertson Collector of said dutys for the Shire aforesaid an exact
duplicate of the above which contained my Oath that the preceeding inhabitants were duly served with
requisitions of the dates foresaid desiring them within fourteen day to deliver or cause to be delivered
to me on calling for that purpose an Attested list of all the Servants Horses and carriages used and employed
by them from the fifth of Aprile Ninety one to the fifth of Aprile Ninety two as well as an account of what servants
Horses and carriages used and employed anywhere Else and that the foregoing report was made
up from their severall Attested lists or returns to me from the best information I could procure or from my own
personal knowledge of their respective Establishments.
William Brunton

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