Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Actual # Carriage horses
(10s each)
Saddle horses
(10s each)
John Gibson 1 £0.10.0
Mr. John Keith 2 £1.0.0
[Doctor John] Mudie 1 £0.10.0
[Alexander] Paterson 1 £0.10.0
[Mr William] Christie 1 £0.10.0
[Doctor James] Ross 1 £0.10.0
David Gardiner 1 £0.10.0
[James] Anderson hyrer 1 £0.10.0
[John] Greig hyrer 1 £0.10.0
[David] Williamson hyrer 2 £1.0.0
[John] Brown 1 £0.10.0
Mr Hercules Taylor 1 £0.10.0
[John] May 1 £0.10.0
[Lady] Carnegie 2 £1.0.0
[Hercules] Mill 1 £0.10.0
[James] Lamond 2 £1.0.0
[Widow] Larmond 1 £0.10.0
[John] Fullerton Esqr 1 £0.10.0
[John] Kinnear 1 £0.10.0
23 £11.10.0

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Montrose Carriage and Horse Tax for the year
ending 5th Apr [April] 1789 By Daniel Ross Surv. [Surveyor]

[I Daniel Ross] Survy. [Surveyor] aforesaid do hereby certify that upon
[careful] Examination I find the foregoing duties amot. [amount] to
[the sum of] Eleven Pounds Ten Shillings and that upon
[-----] I delivd. [delivered] to Robert Napier Collr. [Collector] for
[the Burgh] aforesaid an exact duplicate of this accot. [account]
[which] contained my oath that the preceding inhts [inhabitants]
[were duly] served with reqs. [requisitions] of the date foresaid and that
[they are charged] according to to their sevl. [several] returns to me in consequence
[or according] to the best information I could procure
Daniel Ross Surveyor

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