Hearth tax transcription

Tuedal Shyre

Stoba Parish
-- In Drevas Easter and Wester, Drevasheil & hopehead
-- conforme to a subscreived List therof -- 10
-- In Easter Haprew ut supra -- 13
-- In Westend of Stoba ut supra -- 23
-- In Eastend of Stoba ut supra -- 25
-- In wester haprew ut supra -- 10
-- In Harrow ut supra -- 8
-- Hail hearths in ths [this] parish are -- 89

The Number of the hail hearths within the
shyre of Tuedale amounts to -- 2196

[Page] 18

Transcriber's notes

Page numbered 18
Latin 'ut supra' (as above) refers to the wording 'conforme to a subscreived list therof'.

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