Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Children under 14 Servants names Number of servants Bachelor servants One servant Two servants Three or more servants Duty
21 Aug 1790 Kirkaldie Brought Over 47 7 32 2 5 £8.15.0
George Drysdall Isbell Scott Chambermaid
Batty Cash housemaid
2 2 £0.10.0
Walter Fergus Mrs Robertson Housekeeper
Elisabeth Hunter Chambermd [Chambermaid]
2 2 £1.0.0
50 7 32 4 5 £10.5.0

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7 Servants Batchelor at 5/ [£0.5.0] Each is £1.15.0
2 Servants Batchelor at 10/ [£0.10.0] Each is £1.0.0
32 Servants Batchelor at 2/6 £0.2.6] Each is £4.0.0
4 Servants Batchelor at 5/ [£0.5.0] Each is £1.0.0
5 Servants Batchelors at 10/ [£0.10.0] Each is £2.10.0

I Charles Robb Surveyor aforsaid do hearby certifye that upon carefull Examina
=ion of the foregoing Duties I find the Amount in whole to ten pounds five [shillings]
Sterling and that upon the Sixteen Day of November I delivered to [William]
Drysdall Collector of the said Duties for the for the said Burgh a foresaid an [exact]
Duplicate of the Above Account duley examined and compaired with [the]
forgoing which contained My Oath that Nottices were left with the [several]
persons before named or at ther Dwelling houses of the Dates Annexed
to there Respective Names Requiring them within fourteen days to [give]
in A list of ther Carriage or Saddle horses Retained or Employed by [them]
from the 5 Day of April 1789 to the 5 Day of April 1790 and that [the]
said Account or Survey is Made out from the List Returned to me and [from]
from the best Information I could procure of the Carriage or Saddle horses of
whous Lists are Deficiant Neglected or Refused to Give in a List thereof [in terms]
of the Nottices Left with them as a forsaid
Charles Robb Surveyor

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