Bound Plans Of The Scattalds Of North Cunningsburgh, Fladdabister And Clift Hills, Dunrossness, Shetland

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Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP3962

Date: 1881-1882

Description: 'Scroll Plan[s] of the Scattalds of North Cunningsburgh, Fladdabister and Cliff Hills shewing proposed Allocation'. By J W Hepburn.
[1:10,700] 1 in = 13½ Imperial chains. 84 x 65 cm.
Book of five plans showing four different schemes of division proposed for the scattalds of North Cunningsburgh, Fladdabister, and Cliff Hills. Each plan shows the proposed allotments with proprietors including Dame Eliza Jane Nicolson, John Bruce, junior, William Arthur Bruce, Gilbert Irvine and Thomas Davidson, and acreages and also the acreages of the sections originally surveyed. Each farm and township marked and named. Roads, proposed access roads, rivers, lochs, Cliff Sound, the North Sea, coastal features, quarries, sheep folds, and mills noted. In Addition, plan 3 gives value per acre and plans 4 and 5 give a very detailed account of the ownership of the arable lands east of the scattald. Each plan endorsed by the surveyor, J W Hepburn, on different dates from 20 April 1881 to 3 June 1882 in reference to reports on the division of the scattalds.

Archival history: Court of Session records (CS)

Coordinates: 438830, 1119088