List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Market Cross Stone James Stroyan Clauchaneasy by Newtonstewart
William Kirk Keeper Penninghame
James McKie High Bridge of Cree
James Thompson Farmer Glassoch
Alexander Hannay Garwachie
James McMuldroch Beoch
008 This is a large whin stone with white Veins thro it into one of the veins I observed a large nail driven. It is said to have been some part of the Market Cross of the Cruives of Cree. James Stevenson 87 Years of age (deceased) told James Micklewriath there was a report that the inhabitants of Minigaff was in the act of carrying the market Stone from the Cruives, to Minigaff, that it was recaptured and taken back.After this they Succeeded in getting it to Minigaff where there is Still a Stone pointed out as one mentioned
Curves of Cree James McMuldroch Beoch
Alexander Hannay Garwachie
James Micklewraith Glenrazie
008 Cruives of Cree site of [houses] - This is said to have been a village. James Mieklewraith recollects peole living at this place, to the amount of 6 Cottages or families, these houses May probably be outhouses of the farm at this place Since the Village became extinct.

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[Page] 15 -- List of names Collected by Robert Barlow Corpl R S & M [Corporal Royal Sappers & Miners] -- Plan 8 A - Trace 4 - Parish of Penninghame

Market Cross - Object A stone

[Signed] Exd [Examined] Robert Barlow
Corpl R S & M [Corporal Royal Sappers & Miners]
22nd July 1845

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