List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
RINGDEES RingDees Peter Stroyan FarmerMucKle Leight by Cairn Ryan 005 A Small hill laying North of the Cold Wells. And the Most north part is Scotland over with white rocKs. The pasture about these RocKs is Ivy Green in appearance the RingDees is in Muckle Leight farm the property of Alexander Wallace
CLAYWARNIES Claywarnies John Douglas Farmer Heigh Mark by Cairn Ryan 005 A Small Round Patch of green pasture Covered with Stones There ar two or three Small Tup houses or places of Shelter from this towards the Parish Boundary is Known by the Name of Claywarnies. The property of Sir Alexander Wallace

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Plan 5.13 -- Trace No. 1 -- List of Names Collected by Private William BirKby R S [Royal Sappers] & Miners 1st. Examiner -- Parish of Inch

Name -- Object
Ring Dees - Hill
Claywarnies - Round Cairn

William BirKby
Pt. R S [Private Royal Sappers] & Miners
29th January 1846

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