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ST EUCHANS St. Teuchans
St. Teuchans
St. Ukans or
St. Deuchans
Mr. James Clark, Writer & Factor Coupar Angus
Mr. Alexander Ritchie, Resident factor
Mr. James Stewart, Kinrossie
074 A fine dwelling house with offices & pendicle attached; property of J. Millis Nairne Esqr. Dunsinnan.
STONE CISTS FOUND [St Euchans] 8 Stone Cists found here
8 Stone Cists found here
Mr. James Stewart
Mr. James Rattray, Newmill
074 In a field a little to the west of St. Teuchans 8 stone cists were discovered a few feet from the surface by the authorities quoted, they were left in the position that the excavators found them and are still there.
ST EUCHAN'S WELL St. Teuchan's Well Mr. James Stewart
Mr. James Rattray, Newmill
074 A few yards from the site of chapel there is an excellent spring well known by the name of "St. Teuchan's Well"

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74-16 -- Parish of Collace -- Perthshire

St. Euchans
Mr. James Stewart, Kinrossie, who supposes it to be a corruption from St. Vigeans. Ukans appears to be the common pronunciation, and the T or D of the authorities being silent the spelling Euchans will (after the St.) answer either of them. Mr.Stewart recommends this modification.
J B L. Col. [Lieutenant Colonel]

Supposed Site of Chapel
J B L. Col. [Lieutenant Colonel]
We have however bo allusion a Chapel Being here in any of the works of Reference, and during the Christian periods bodies were not buired in Short Stone Cists - This must then have been Earlier or a Catholic chapel - but it is just possible that from the circumstance of a copious supply of good water there may have been a humourous canonizing of the Gothic word Deoch or Deochan!
JB L. Col. [Lieutenant Colonel]

Adjacent to them, [the 8 stone cists] and previous to the making of the road between the villages of Saucher and Collace the remains of a building was very discernible which Mr. Stewart supposes to have been a chapel dedicated to St. Teuchans.

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