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THE HEUCHEN The Heuchen Mr Thompson Marchmont
Mr James Weir Schoolmaster.
Revd. [Reverend] Mr Walker Greenlaw.
027.07 ; 027.08 This name applies to a rugged precipice of rock, rising immediately north of, and near the middle of the village. The feature resembles huge blocks of stones piled up on one another. The origin of this name [cannot?] be traced.
Mr Logan Hume Hall
Mr James Weir Schoolmaster Revd. [Reverend] Mr Walker Greenlaw
027.08 A farm in the Eastern part of the parish and in excellent condition. The [?] offices are slated and of recent erection, a dwellinghouse, surrounded by a small plantation is pleasantly situated on a gradually rising eminence, and tenanted by Mr Logan. It is the property of Sir Hugh Campbell Bart [Baronet] Marchmont.

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Parish of Hume -- Sheet 27.08 Trace 4 -- Collected by H Sharban

The Heugh [Note] Heuch - A crag; a ragged, Steep, A steep hill or bank Jamiesons Scottish Dictionary

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