Hydrographic Surveys

Hydrographic surveys focus on the depths and physical characteristics of bodies of water and the surrounding land. This includes the flow of water and studies the biological, chemical, physical and geometrical characteristics of water. Specific areas of hydrographic surveys, namely bathymetric surveys, focus on the impact that water has on the submerged terrain. These surveys result in charts and maps which provide accurate and measurable descriptions of this impact. Historical surveys of this nature provide a great deal of insight into scientific methodologes in hydrographic study and reveal the historical interest in the unknown aspects of the Scottish lochs.
Name Description
Bathymetrical Surveys of Scottish Lochs, 1898-1909 The Bathymetrical Surveys of the Fresh-Water Lochs of Scotland, 1898-1909, provides a comprehensive understanding of the depths and nature of some 562 inland Scottish lochs. This 10 year project was conceived and organised by oceanographer, Sir John Murray, and includes 60,000 soundings, the results of which provide the first detailed charts of the loch depths. The surveys were widely recognised at the time they were conducted and placed Scotland at the forefront of limnology.