Date Inhabitants names, residence, and parish Actual # of shops Shops at £5 to £9 Shops at £10 to £14 Shops at £15 to £19 Shops at £20 to £24 Shops at £25 to under £30 Shops at £30 and upwards Duty
19 Mar 1789 Hugh MacCallum Mercht [Merchant] 1 £5.0.0 £0.1.8
Robert Reid & Company 2 £5.0.0 £0.1.8
2 £10.0.0 £0.3.4
2 Shops of £5.0.0 each at 4d [£0.0.4] per £ £0.3.4

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Report Survey SHOP TAX. Burgh of Campbeltown
for the year ending 5 April 1789 By

I Hugh McKay Assistant Surveyor appointed by the Rt Honble [Right Honourable] The Barons of
Exchequer do hereby certify That upon carefulle examination of the foregoing several
Rates and duties I find they ammount in whole to Three shillings and fourpence
Stg [Sterling] And I do make Oath that notices were given to the foregoing
persons or left with their dwelling houses of the date aforesaid that
they were to be Charged with the rates and dutys set against their
several names
Hugh MacKay Asst [Assistant] Surveyor
Campbeltown 15th April 1789
Sworn before me Lachlan Mactavish Provt [Provost]

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