Date Inhabitants names, residence, and parish Actual # of shops Shops at £5 to £9 Shops at £10 to £14 Shops at £15 to £19 Shops at £20 to £24 Shops at £25 to under £30 Shops at £30 and upwards Duty
1788 Mr James Taylor a Banker 1 £8.0.0 £0.2.8

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A Survey of the SHOP TAX in the Town of Linlithgow
from the 5th April 1788 to the 5th April 1789 By James Watson Surveyor

I James Watson Surveyor aforesaid do hereby Certify that the above Mr James Taylor
was duly served with a notice that he was to be Charged with the above
shop tax and that upon he twenty first of November last I delivered to Mr William
Napier Collector of said Borough an exact Duplicate hereof
James Watson Surveyor
Linlithgow 3 Dec 1788

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