Date Inhabitants names, residence, and parish Actual # of shops Shops at £5 to £9 Shops at £10 to £14 Shops at £15 to £19 Shops at £20 to £24 Shops at £25 to under £30 Shops at £30 and upwards Duty
1787 Falkirk Toun Bt [Brought] over 26 £145.0.0 £2.8.4
4 Aug 1787 Mathew Stiel Mert [Merchant] 27 £6.0.0 £0.2.0
Thomas Young Grocer 28 £5.0.0 £0.1.8
Total 28 £156.0.0 £2.12.0

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[Page] 2 Survey Continued

I James Allan Surveyor aforesaid do hereby Certify That upon carefull Examination
of the foregoing several Rates & duties, I find they Amount in Whole to Two pounds twe[lve shillings]
Sterling & that upon the first day of October last [1 Oct 1787] I delivered to Mr Thomas Wingate Collector of t[he said]
duties an exact duplicate of the above Account which contained my Oath that Notices were left w[ith]
the foregoing Inhabitants or at their dwelling houses of the dates annexed that they were to be
Charged with the Rates & duties as Certified to be due from them
James Allan Surveyor
Alloa 1 Nov 1787

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