Proprietor and land Valuation
Dalmenie Parish
Dundas £2533.6.8
Craigiehall £2133.7.0
Auldcathie £1066.13.4
Leuchold and John Stuart £423.7.0
Queensferry Aikers £367.0.0
Dalmany £3100.0.0
Strabrock Parish alias Uphall
Kirkhill £3092.0.0
Houstoun £900.0.0
Holms £253.6.8
Isobel Anderson £16.13.4
Linlithgow Parish £12531.4.2
Torphichen Parish £5769.3.4
Bathgate Parish £8043.16.8
Livingstone Parish £8100.6.8
Ecclesmachan Parish £2709.3.8
Abercorn Parish £6945.7.0
Carridden Parish £4118.2.8
Borrowstounness Parish £3559.8.0
Kirkliston Parish £9269.13.0
Dalmenie Parish £9623.14.0
Uphall Parish £4262.0.0

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[Page] 10
[page signed] A Livingstone

[Page] 11
Alexander Livingstone Principal Collector of the Land:
:Tax for the Shyre of Linlithgow maketh Oath That
the forgoing Book of Valuation Consisting of the Ten
preceeding pages all and each of which are Signed by him
and delivered into his Majesty's Court of Exchequer in
Scotland pursuant to an Order of Court and dated the nine:
teenth day of July last Is a true and just copy of the
Principal Records of Valuation keept by him for the
Shyre of Linlithgow.
A Livingstone

Exchequer Chambers
14th Novemr [November] 1771
Sworn before
John Maule

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