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Kirkwall Ninth April 1667 Sederunt
The Commissioners taking to consideration that at the last Valua
:tion of Anno 1653 the Rents of the Earldom and Bishoprick have been
too highly rated without respect of many reasonable Deductions that
ought to have been allowed them, As was represented by Mr Patrick
Hay representing my Lord Morton and my Lord Bishop being per
sonally present have therefore Enacted & Ordained that for dispatch
of his Maties [Majesties] Service the former valuation of 1653 shall for this present
year stand as it was then casten, except only for the Earldom who is
only Cessed to Sixteen thousand pounds Scots, and my Lord Bishop to the
soume of Four thousand six hundreth sixty six pounds thretteen shil-
lings four pennyes

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Kirkwall 2d December 1811 We the Commissioners
of Supply for the County of Orkney hereto subscribing do
certify That what is contained on the first fifty five folio
pages of this Book contains a Just and true state of
the valued rent of Orkney amounting to the sum of fifty
six thousand Eight hundred and sixty six pound
and four pence seven twelfths of a penny Scots money, as
made up by the Commissioners for the County in the years
Sixteen hundred and fifty three and Sixteen hundred and
sixty seven; containing the names of the then proprietors
And that what is contained on folio page fifty sixth
to folio page seventy three both inclusive is a just and
true state of the present Heritors of Orkney; their sev=
:eral Valuations and the Cess payable by them corre=
:sponding thereto; exclusive of the Cess payable by
Lord Dundas for the Earldom and Bishoprick of
Orkney. In testimony whereof we have subscrib=
:ed these presents place and date foresaid.
[signed] Robert Nicolson
Clerk of Supply -- Robert Baikie
Malcolm Laing
Robert Groat
James Riddoch

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