Proprietor and land Valuation
[The Earl of Morton, continued] And Ane Last Nine Meills Two Merks Meall, Three Barrell Two Leispond two Merk butter, Two Last Twenty One Meills four Settings flesh
of Scatsilver And flesh Converted in Money Thretteen pound three Shilling £13.3.0
And of Grassums Yearly Twenty pounds £20.00
Is in Money Att the prices foresaid Seven Hundred Twenty One pound Nine Shilling Nine pennies Two part penny £721.9.9⅔
And for the Island of Gairsey within the Said Parish Twenty Eight Meills four Settings Malt, and Five Meills of Meall, Four Leispond Eight Merks of Butter, Ten Meills flesh, & Thretteen Shillings Money Is Ane Hundred Thretty four pound Seventeen Shilling Nine pennies third part penny £134.17.9⅓
Is in all Eight Hundred fifty Six pounds Seven Shilling Three pennies £856.7.3
Whereof Deduces for the Ministers Stipend of the Said Parochin & Parochin of Evie Two Hundred pound £200.0.0
Sua Remains Six Hundred fifty Six pound Seven Shilling Three pennies £656.7.3
David McClelland has of his Wodsett of the Earl of Morton Twenty Ane Meills Two Settings Malt, fourteen Meills Two Settings Meall, Twenty Four Meills flesh, Two Leispond Butter
Six Shilling Scatsilver £0.6.0
Six pound of Grassum £6.0.0
Is £162.14.10⅔
The Wodsett of the School of Kirkwall Thretty Meills Malt Is Ane Hundred Pound £100.0.0
Totall Is £1457.19.11
[page] 44 Firth
James Scarth in Scarth has there four Meills Malt Is £13.6.8
Henry Linklatter Elder has there Two Meills Malt with an half Barrell Butter Is £16.13.4
Alexander Rendall in Tingwall has there two Settings Malt with an half Barrell Butter £11.2.2⅔
John Baikie in Kirkwall has there Eleven Meills Two Settings Six Merks Malt And of his Lands of Holland there Seven Settings half Setting Malt Is £42.1.8
Hugh Corrigill in Cottascarth has there Three Meills Malt Is Ten pound £10.0.0
[Continued] William Flett in Redland has there two Meills Malt, half Setting Meall Is £6.18.10⅔
James Flett has there Two Meills Two Settings Malt Is Seven pound fifteen Shillings 9⅓ £7.15.9⅓
William Sclaitter of Burness has there Sixteen Meills Three Settings Malt, Eight Meills flesh, And ane Barrell half Barrell Butter Is fourscore Thretteen pound £93.0.0
David Kyncaid of Yinstay has there Ane Kinkine butter, Five Meills Two Settings Malt, Two Meills four Settings Meall Is £33.8.10⅔
Thomas Sclaitters Aires has there five Meills Malt Is Sixteen pound thretteen Shilling four pennies £16.13.4
Adam Sclaitter has there Three Meills three Settings Malt Is £11.13.4
John Sclaitter has there Ane Meill four Settings Malt Is £5.11.1⅓
James Matches has there Two Meills Malt Is £6.13.4
John Taylor has there Ane Meill Malt Is £3.6.8
Magnus Taylor in Kirkwall has there Ane Meill Malt Is £3.6.8
William Spence in Kirkwall has there Three Meills four Settings Malt Is £12.4.5⅓
Hugh Sinclair of Damsey has there Thretteen Meills Ane Setting Malt, Ane Barrell half Barrell Butter Is Threescore Thretteen pound Seventeen Shilling Nine pennies third part penny £73.17.9⅓
Magnus Cursetter Younger has there Eight Settings Malt & Eight Merk Meall Is £4.12.7½
Patrick Craigie in Kirkwall has there Ten Settings Sixteen Merk Malt Is £5.18.6⅓
Adam Cursetter has there Eight Setts [Settings] Malt Is £4.8.10⅔
David Sinclair in Kirkwall has there four Settings Malt Is £2.4.5⅓
Thomas Sinclair of Campstoun has there Three Leispond Butter Is £6.0.0
John Grahame of Breckness has there Ane half Barrell Butter Is £10.0.0

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[signed] John Urquhart -- Donald Groat
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[signed] John Urquhart -- Donald Groat
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