Proprietor and land Valuation
[George Ballenden of Stenness, continued] thereof four Meills Malt, Two Meills of Meall, ane Barrell of Butter
And of the Miln four Meills of Meall
And of his Lands of Broager half Barrell Butter, Nine Settings Eight Merk Malt, and four Settings Sixteen Merk Meall
forty Shilling of Grassum £2.0.0
And of his Lands of Anderwerk half Barrell Butter
And for the Teind Two Leispond half Leispond Butter
fifty three Shilling four pennies Money £2.13.4
And of his Lands in Dowieskarth Two Leispond Six Merks Butter
And of his Lands of Culstone Two Barrells Butter, Two Mairts at Thirteen pound Six Shilling Eight pennies, five Meills Two Settings Malt, Two Meills four Settings Meall
Twelve pound of Grassum £12.0.0
And of his Lands of Housequoy half Barrell Butter, nine Settings flesh, four Setts [Settings] Sixteen Merks Malt, Two Settings Eighteen Merk Meall
fourty Shilling of Grassum £2.0.0
And of his Lands of Meukle Quoy Half barrell Butter, ane Meill Malt
Thretty Three Shilling in Grassum £1.13.0
Is of All in Butter five Barrell four Leispond Eighteen Merk Is in Money Ane Hundred & nine pound Ten Shill [Shillings] of Money £109.10.0
of Malt Twelve Meills four Settings is fourty two pound four Shilling five pennies third part penny £42.4.5⅓
of Meall nine Meills five Settings Is Thretty nine pound Six Shilling Eight pennies £39.6.8
of Grassum & flesh Thretty five pound Three Shilling four pennies £35.3.4
Is in All Two Hundred Twenty Six pound 4s 5⅓ £226.4.5⅓
Annas Grahame has of Liferent of her Lands of Turmistone Two Barrell Butter, Tow Meills four Settings Malt, And Eight Settings Meall
Six pound Thretteen Shilling & four pennies Money in Grassum £6.13.4
And her Lands of Houbister Ane Barrell Butter, Eight Settings Malt, And four Settings Meall
And four pound in Grassum £4.0.0
Inde of Butter Three Barrell is Threescore pound £60.0.0
of Malt four Meills Is Thretteen pound Six Shill [Shillings] Eight pennies £13.6.8
of Meall Two Meills Is Eight pound £8.0.0
of Grassum Ten pound Thretteen Shill [Shillings] four pennies £10.13.4
Is in all fourscore Twelve pound £92.0.0
[Continued] The Sum of the free Rent of the said Paroch Belonging to the Heretors Extends to fourscore Meills Two Settings Eleven Merk of Malt, Eleven Meills five Setts [Settings] of Meall, Nine Barrells four Leispond Eighteen Merk of Butter
of flesh & Grassum Threescore Seventeen pound ten Shill [Shillings] £77.10.0
Is in all five hundred fourscore fifteen pound fourteen Shill [Shillings] two pennies £95.14.2
The Earl of Morton has of free Rent within the said Parochin fifty Meills Three Settings four Merk Malt, Nine Meills ane Setting half Setting Meall, Twenty four Leispond Two Merk butter
of flesh & Silver five pound Seven Shill [Shillings] Six pennies £5.7.6
Is Two hundred fifty Eight pound Nineteen Shilling four pennies £258.19.4
The Total is Eight Hundred fifty four pound thretteen Shilling Six pennies £854.13.6
[page] 33 Harray
David Heart of Rusland has of free Rent forth of his Lands of Rusland and Miln thereof & of his Lands of Northbrugh, Harraquoy & Necles Thretty Meills Malt, Ane Meill Meall, ane Leispond Butter
& of Grassum £4.13.4
Is £120.13.4
Hugh Sinclair of Damsay has of his Lands of Kingshouse & Bimbuster Three Meills three Settings Malt, Ane Barrell half Barrell Butter Is £41.13.4
William Sclaitter of Burness has there forth of his Lands of Overbrugh, Rainsgairth, and Germistoun fifteen Meills four Settings Malt is fifty two pound four Shillings five pennies third part penny £52.4.5⅓
Gilbert Knarstoun in Knarstoun has there forth of his Lands of Knarstoun & Netherbrugh Eight Meills ane Setting Malt Is £27.4.5⅓
James Louttit has there of his Wodsett Lands ane meill Malt Is £3.6.8
Andrew & Robert Knarstouns in Knarstoun have there four Meills Malt Is £13.6.8
Oliver Allan has there Ane Meill Malt Is £3.6.8
James Ingsey in Birsay has there Six Meills four Settings Malt Is £22.4.5⅓

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[page] 32 Sten-house

[signed] John Urquhart -- Donald Groat
Andrew Young

[page] 33 Sten-house

[signed] John Urquhart -- Donald Groat
Andrew Young

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