Proprietor and land Valuation
[from page 21] twelve Meills of flesh
Is in all Three hundred Twenty four pound £324.00
Whereof Deduces for the few Duty Twelve pound twelve Shill [Shillings] £12.12.0
Sua Remains of free Rent Three hundred Eleven pound Eight Shilling £311.8.0
Henry Cromarty has of free Rent of his Wodsett Lands pertaining to Edward Redland Two Meills of Malt Is £6.13.4
David Beattoun has of his Wodsett Lands pertaining to the said Edward Three Meills Three Settings Eighteen Merk Malt Is £12.1.8
Edward Redland has of his own Lands There Two Meills Two Settings Six Merk Malt Is £7.18.4
Patrick Gordon has of the Butt of Cairston Twenty Meills Malt, Eight pound of Money And of the Miln yr [younger] of Three Meills of Meall Is fourscore Six pound Thirteen Shill [Shillings] four pennies £86.13.4
John Monteath of Hammiger has of free Rent of his Lands There Six Meills of Malt And of the Wodsett Land of Patrick Gordouns Eight pound of Money Is £28.0.0
Patrick Monteath of Egilshay has of free Rent of the Teinds of Cairston Thirteen Meills Two Settings Twenty ane Merks Third part Mk [Merk] Malt, Six Meills four Settings Ten merks Two part Merk Meall
And out of Whome & Gairth Twelve Meills Ane Setting Eight Merk Malt, Three meills five Settings of Meall
Out of Kirbuster & Redland Twelve Meills Three Settings Six merks Malt, four Meills five Settings Eighteen Merks Meall
Is in all ane Last fourteen Meills Ane Setting Eleven Merk Third pt [part] Merk Malt, fifteen Meills Three Settings four Merks Two part Merk Meall Is at the prices foresaid Ane Hundred fourscore Nine pound Twelve Shilling Six pennies £189.12.6
Whereof Deduces for the Tack Duty payable to the Superior fourscore pounds £80.0.0
Sua Remains of Free Rent Ane Hundred Nine pound twelve Shill [ Shillings] Six pennies £109.12.6
The Sum of the free Rent of the said Parochin belonging to the Heretors Extends to Twelve
[from previous page] [Twelve] Last ane Meill Ane Merk Third part Merk Malt, Twenty Three Meills Three Settings four merks Third part Merk Meall, Two Barrells half Barrell Butter,
Threescore Thirteen pound Six Shilling Eight pennies of Money & Flesh £73.6.8
Is Ane Thousand Ane Hundred fourscore pound Sixteen Shilling Six pennies £1180.16.6
Deduces for the Superior Duty fourscore Twelve pounds twelve Shilling Scots £92.12.0
Sua Remains £1088.4.6
The Town of Edinburgh has of free Rent within the Said Parochin Seven Last Sixteen Meills Ane Setting half Setting Malt, Six Meills Meall, Three Barrells Butter, Two Barrell Three Leispond half Leispond Oyle, Ane Last Twelve Meills five Settings flesh
Scatsilver few Duty & Tack Duty Ane Hundred fifteen pound five Shilling three pennies £115.5.3
Is Eight Hundred fourscore Seven pound Seventeen Shilling Three pennies £887.17.3
Whereof be Deduced for the Ministers Stipend Three Last Twelve Meills Malt, Six Barrell of Butter
And to Compleat the Ministers Stipend of Firth & Stenness Thirty Ane pound Six Shill [Shillings] & Eight pennies £31.6.8
Is four Hundred Thirty Ane pound Six Shill [Shillings] Eight pennies £431.6.8
Sua Remains four Hundred fifty Six pound Ten Shilling Seven pennies £456.10.7
The Totall of the whole Parochin both Heretors & Bishoprick Extends to Ane Thousand five hundred fourty Four pound fifteen Shilling Ane penny Is £1544.15.1
[page] 23 Sandwick
John Grahame of Breckness has of free Rent of his Lands of Southerquoy, Skaill, Gorn, Uniger, Wasbuster, Voy, Yescanabie, Hestwall, Aithstown, Fla, Newgair, Quoysin, Newgair, Instabillie, Morsquoy, Erixland, Tonstoun, Skaebrae, Halkland,
The Teinds of Saint Laurence Prebendrie, The Teinds of Veatquoy Halkland & Kirkness With the Vicarage of the Said hailt Parochin of Sandwick, the Dutys following Viz. [videlicet] Five Last Six Meills Malt, Ane Last of [meall]

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[page] 22 Stromness

[signed] John Urquhart -- Donald Groat
Andrew Young

[page] 23 Stromness

[signed] John Urquhart -- Donald Groat
Andrew Young

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