Proprietor and land Valuation
James Watsone of Sauchtoune 284lb [pound] for James Ellies 182lb [pound]13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] for James Hadden 174lb [pound] for Georg Girdwood 73lb [pound] 3ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] for Broomhouses 480lb [pound] inde £1193.16.0
Gabriell Rankines heirs £30.10.0
John Alexander £18.6.8
Robert Scotts heirs £6.0.0
James Wilkie £15.5.0
Alexander Baillie £41.5.0
James Gibsone £18.6.8
Thomas Baillies heirs £28.0.0
James Johnstoune £18.6.8
Hercules Gardiner £14.13.4
George Aitkine £14.13.4
Thomas Baillie in Meadowfield £24.0.0
James Murray £24.0.0
John Johnstoune £36.14.0
Mr William Binning £18.6.8
John Patersone £4.13.4
Mr Archbald Hamiltoune for Thomas Begg £4.13.4
Roystoune £512.0.0
Grantoune £346.7.0
Pilltoune £600.0.0
Sr [Sir] John Smyth 1336 [pound] Divided thus
Drylaw for himselfe 750lb [pound] & for a pairt of John Smyths 254lb [pound] 7ss [shilling] 2d [pennies] that belonged to Barntoun £1004.0.0
Sr [Sir] James Inglis of Crammond 690lb 13s 4d [£690.13.4] And for a pairt of Sr [Sir] John Smiths 662lb 6s 5d [£662.6.5] inde £1353.9.9
Sr [Sir] John Young 1806lb [pound] 3ss [shilling] 1d [penny] Divyded thus
Sr [Sir] Andrew Mortoune for a pairt of Sr [Sir] John Youngs £1200.13.4
Lord Charles Kerr for Over Crammond 605lb [pound] 9s [shilling] 9 [pennies] Ans for apairt of Patrick Hamiltounes 134lb [pound] inde £739.9.9
Muirhouse £660.0.0
[Lauriestoune] £566.13.4
Graycruik £336.0.0
Alexander Houisone 200lb [pound] & for a pairt of Patrick Hamiltoune 180lb [pound] inde £380.0.0
[Messrs] Corse for John Corse £140.0.0
The Laird of Cammo 200lb [pound] & for apt [a pairt] of Patrick Hamiltounes 313lb [pound] £513.0.0
Corstoune £33.0.0
Archbald Lun for Robert Burtaine £9.0.0
John Hamiltoune for Christian Knight £25.0.0
Earle of Ruglaine for Barntoune £976.13.4
John Scott of Killeith £657.13.4
Thomas Scott younger of Killeith £657.13.4
Mr Robert Craig of Riccardtoune 516lb [pound] for Alexander Bealtoune 665lb [pound] 9ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] for Mr Robert Deanes 330lb [pound] inde 1511.9.4
Sr [Sir] Thomas Gibsone £93.10.0
Sr [Sir] James Baird £308.13.4
Wariestoune 254lb [pound] And for Curriehill 286lb [pound] inde £540.0.0
Baberstoune £280.0.0
Ronald Campbell for Lord [Ball---ino] 77lb [pound] for John Stirlings heirs 178lb [pound] for John Stirlings relict 80lb [pound] for Arthur Strattoune 16lb [pound] £347.0.0
Laurence Cuninghame £50.0.0
Ravilrig £401.0.0
Cockburne £199.0.0
Whelpsyde £95.5.0
Bootland £191.6.8
Lord Forresters land now belonging to Sauchtoune £25.6.8
James Nicoll £10.0.0
Ratho Paroch
Earle of Lauderdale £1860.0.0
And for my Lord Forrester £193.7.0
Sr [Sir] Alexander Dalmahoy £1100.0.0
Ronald Campbell £150.0.0
Laird of Ratho £500.0.0
James [Winrahame] £100.0.0
John Wilkie £157.3.4
Sr [Sir] James Fleeming £303.13.4
David Wilkie £146.0.0
Bonningtoune £782.10.0
Sr [Sir] John Gibsone 471lb [pound] A for Sr [Sir] John Young 124lb [pound] £595.0.0
Archibald Lausone £125.0.0
Thomas Kincaid £240.0.0
Southsyde of Kirklistoune
Inglistoune 1040lb [£1040.0.0] for Breistmilne 73lb [£73.0.0] for Carlourie 76lb [£76.0.0] £1189.0.0
Eastfield £252.0.0
Hallyeards £700.0.0
Cliftounhall £763.0.0
Linnesmilne £93.0.0
Bridges £329.0.0

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