Proprietor and land Valuation
Margaret Jamesones heirs £72.10.0
Levetennent Jacksone £133.6.8
Mr Alexander Laing £14.10.0
Mr Peter Patersone £94.0.0
Captain Watsone £66.13.4
Evan Mcgrigor for Gray of Warriestoune £33.6.8
George Crombie £30.0.0
Robert Cuninghame £20.0.0
George Davidsones heirs £70.0.0
John Gibb for Adam Gairnes £33.6.8
Captaine Jamesone Divyded thus James Galbraith £85.14.4
James Meikle £214.10.0
Abbay of Hollyrudehouse
Thomas Caldwalls £100.0.0
Lord Napier £100.0.0
John Fergusone £20.0.0
Henry Gibbs heirs £200.0.0
Mr Thomas Chalmers £300.0.0
Sr [Sir] William Thomsone £200.0.0
James Allan for Stevensones relict £200.0.0
The park £1000.0.0
Archbishop of St Andrews £478.6.8
Bishop of Edinburgh haveing gotton added since the last valua'ne [valuation] 2 Chalders out of yr [the] Lands of Bread 1700.0.0
Bishop of Dunkell £66.13.4
Earle of Dysert for Lauderdale £2657.5.0
Prestounfield £500.0.0
Logan of Burncastle £266.13.4
Sr [Sir] Patrick Home for John Kerrs heirs £140.0.0
James Lausone £20.0.0
James Kerrs heirs for Andrew Kerrs heirs £80.0.0
John Youngs heirs £23.13.4
Earle of Dysart for Lauderdale £666.13.4
Sr [Sir] William Baird for Gillmertoune 1000lb [Pound] for Broomhills 732lb [Pound] & for Todhalls 148lb [Pound] 10ss [Shilling] £1880.10.0
Laird of Niddrie £1570.0.0
Craigmiller for Nether Libbertoune Inch £3100.0.0
Sr [Sir] James Dick for Cammeron 400lb [Pound] & for Cameron myre 200lb [Pound] inde £600.0.0
Peppermilne £250.0.0
Lord Ross £1091.10.0
Drumin £816.0.0
Mortouns & land of Mortoune £390.3.4
Mortounhall £783.0.0
Murrayes £197.0.0
Strattoune £400.0.0
Southhouse £261.0.0
Over libbertoune £374.0.0
Goodtrees £374.0.0
West Kirk paroch
Greenhill £103.16.4
James Broune for Adam Gairnes £231.16.0
Mr Robert Byers heirs £128.13.4
Sr [Sir] William Meinzies for lylleburne 95lb [Pound]15ss [shilling] for Thomas Beg 179lb [pound] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] Inde £293.1.8
Robert Patersone £197.10.0
George Cathcart for Nary Corsland £32.5.0
Mr James Reid £83.15.0
Penman £45.4.4
Adam Thomsone £128.13.4
Newingtoune £74.8.0
John Daulling £7.6.8
John Davie 26lb [Pound] 01ss [shilling] for Robert Adamsones heirs 17lb [pound] 17ss [shilling] Inde £43.18.0
Alexander Biggar for Gairneshall his houses in Portburgh £24.0.0
Sheenes £324.0.0
Mr William Livingstounes heirs £25.9.0
Andrew Broune of Braid for Blackfoord 250lb [pound] Mains of Braid 259lb [pound] the rest of the barronie 800lb [pound] inde £1300.0.0
Gorgie Milne 207lb [pound] 10ss [shilling] & for Purves heirs 83lb [pound] 8ss [shilling] inde £290.18.0
Grange 1108lb [pound] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] Divided thus
Dick of Grange £400.0.0
James Lessly for Eastergrange £497.6.8
Doctor Forrest for w [west] of Wr [Wester] grange £158.0.0
Walter Porterfield for a part of grange £53.0.0
Bruntfield £286.7.8
Whytehouse £307.13.4
Pewlands £405.0.0
Goosedub £30.0.0
Vailliefield £20.0.0
Mrs Finlay for Smiddiegreen £12.0.0

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