Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Brot. [Brought] forward £5228.16.4
George Lawson of Souterhouse £53.0.0
William Coats of Ballieston £40.8.3
John Gardner of [Rinns] £76.7.0
William Thomson of Halhill £70.0.0
John Rymer Esqr. of Cliftonhill £68.0.0
Robert Wark of Ballgedie £63.6.8
William Creelman of Coat & Raw £58.0.0
Walter Campbell Esqr. of Crow wood £57.0.0
Professor Mylne of Rindsmuir £62.0.0
William Muir of Hailyard £51.0.0
William Scott of Heathrieknow £21.10.0
John Pender Netherhouse £40.13.1
William Dixon of Pallace craig £37.0.0
Robert Pender of Achinloning £24.10.0
Thomas Scott of New Mill £35.10.0
William Finlay of Westhalhill £35.0.0
John Finlay of Westhalhil £35.0.0
Gavin Mason of Commonhead £27.2.7
James Millar of Wester Barleybeith £29.0.0
James Kinnybrough of Barleybeith £29.0.0
Hble [Honourable] William Elphingston of Monkland £55.16.6
James Johnstone of Gartcloss £16.16.8
Thomas Johnston of Netherhouse £13.11.4
Harie Guthrie Esqr. of Pattonwells £14.0.0
Robert McBrayne Esqr. of Sommerlee £14.0.0
Taken forward £6253.9.5
Brot. [Brought] forward £6253.9.5
Teinds Mortified to the Colledge £133.6.8
Lands of Aitkinstone £58.0.0
Lands of Hole £58.0.0
Total Six Thousand five Hundred & two Pounds Sixteen Shillings & one penny Scots Money
Sined James Fleming Collr. [Collector]

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