Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Hamilton [continued]
Brought forward £7709.17.6
John Beith's heirs Houses in Catlewynd £3.13.6
William Mather Leechlee £12.18.6
John Roxburgh Tenement of Houses in Castlewynd £17.6.4
Mrs Allan Her Houses there and Lands in Haugh £14.14.6
John Boyes Two Tenements of houses and Yeards in Castlewynd £19.0.0
Five Acres of Land in Haugh of Hamilton £20.2.6
An acre in Haugh £4.2.0
Part of John Lawsons houses and yeard in Castlewynd £5.6.3
Houses there Ann Hepburns £8.17.4
Part of Thomas Muirheads houses in Newwynd £5.5.11
John Boyes for Robert Bryson His Houses in Hightoun £12.0.2
John Boyes for John Nasmith Spails houses and Land in Netherton £5.13.4
John Boyes William Browns part of said Houses holding few of him £4.18.2
John Boyes Houses in Castlewynd and Tailrigg £3.7.6
John Boyes John Rives part of said houses and Tailrigg holding few of him £6.7.10
John Rive His Lands in Hamilton haugh £49.4.3
Thomas Youngs heirs Tenement of Houses in Castlewynd £11.0.4
Mrs Boyes Half Tenement of houses there £4.16.4
Carried forward £7918.12.3
Hamilton [continued]
Brought forward £7918.12.3
Robert Storry Tenement of houses there formerly William and James Patersons £20.1.6
Two acres in Haugh £11.6.11
Alexander Hay Tenement of Houses in the Castlewynd £7.14.6
James Weir Houses in the Castlewynd £19.6.3
James Syme Two Tenement of Houses and yeard in Castlewynd £26.6.0
Three acres of Land in Peasebanks and two in Haugh £23.8.6
John & Arthur Nasmiths heirs Miss Nasmiths part of Houses in Castlewynd £38.13.4
Houese fewed to Robert Turnbull £6.18.8
Two acres of Land in Waddafeild fewed to Gavin Lang £7.11.5
Four Acres of Land or there by fewed to Alexander Edgar £17.2.7
John Penders Few £11.16.7
An acre of Land fewed to John Golder £4.14.8
An acre of Land fewed to Thomas Hutton £5.13.7
John Borlands Few £2.16.9
Miss Nasmith Remaining part of her Lands £23.3.8
Robert Turnbull His Lands £1.4.10
Charles Hamilton Esq of Fairholm His Lands in Hamilton £18.4.6
His Houses there £4.1.0
Houses in Castelwynd Fewed to John Nasmith £1.2.10
Houses in Castlewynd Fewed to James Hinshaw £1.16.8
Carried forward £8177.17.4

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