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Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
The Duke of Hamilton His Lands £3624.0.0
Motherwell £225.0.0
Earnock £344.0.0
Weilshaw and Birks £86.0.0
Braidest £36.0.0
Smidey Croft £43.0.0
Hamilton of Pencaitland Part of Burncleuth £235.12.1
Thomas Borland Part of Udston £154.7.11
Fairholm £43.0.0
South and North Suniesyds £130.0.0
John Aitman Part of Ross & Broomletown £153.4.0
William Aitman His lands there £55.0.0
John Alston His part of Broomleton £100.0.0
John Dykes His lands there £20.0.0
John Hyndshaw His lands there £13.17.0
Robert Burns His lands there £12.19.0
Burnbank £48.0.0
William Clerk Little Udston £45.0.0
John Buchannan His part of Udston £45.0.0
Mr. Edgar Netherhouses £23.0.0
John Millar Whistlebery £9.0.0
John Porterfeild His part of Nether Auchingremont £39.10.0
Robert Burns His part thereof £9.10.0
Robert Ralston His part thereof £6.0.0
John Campbell His Lands there £5.0.0
Baillie Naismith Over Auchingremont £48.0.0
James Cunison Whythill £32.0.0
Avan Lands Morttd [Mortified] £36.0.0
Edlewood £86.0.0
John Alstone Mains £53.0.0
David Marshall His part of Neilsland £171.10.0
John Bryson His part of Neilsland £34.6.0
Mr. Gilchrist His part of Neilsland £91.9.4
Devonhill £45.14.8
Janet & Katharine Strang Their part of Meikle Earnock £123.14.8
Captain Coventry His part of Earnock £67.10.0
Carried forwd. [forward] £6295.4.8
Brought forward £6295.4.8
James Hamilton His part of Earnoch £8.2.4
John Bryson His part thereof £4.1.2
John Bryson Hs part thereof £22.14.7
Robert Henderson His part thereof £11.7.3
John Henderson His part thereof £16.13.4
William Robyson Hs part thereof £8.6.8
John Corbett His part thereof £12.10.0
John Henderson His LAnds £25.0.0
Major Robertson Little Earnoch £103.0.0
John Robertson Kennedys Earnoch £46.0.0
John Boreland Allanshaw £34.0.0
John McGhie His part of Stonehall £47.6.8
Lieut. [Lieutenant] Archibald Bogle Part of Stonehall £10.10.4
Alexander Meikle Part of Stonehall £15.15.6
John Hill Part of Stonehall £21.0.10
John Lawson His Lands of Stonehall £47.6.8
Calder Inch and Sands £85.0.0
Allanton Haugh £50.0.0
Haughead and Coopercroft £85.0.0
His Grace the Duke of Hamilton Houses and Lands in the Burgh of Hamilton £530.19.8
Thomas Hutton Houses in Barriescloss & Hightown and Castlewynd £26.0.6
His Lands in the haugh £24.6.6
George Robertsons heirs Tenements of Houses on the South side of the Hightoun £21.0.6
David Marshalls Tenement of Houses there £21.6.10
Society of Masons Houses belonging to them in Hightoun £9.15.0
John Millar Castlehill £16.10.8
William Mather Houses in Hightoun £22.16.0
William Neilson Barn and yeard £2.0.4
Mr Duning His Lands and Houses £20.14.4
His Houses in Hightoun £28.10.0
William Muirhead Quinzienock £29.10.0
His other Lands & Houses there £7.7.2
Carried forward £7709.17.6

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