Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Coulterallars and Snaip £254.14.7
Woodlands £13.8.1
Parks of Culter £57.9.2
Easter Wester and Nether Hangingshaw £112.16.0
John Dickson Esq House Garden avenue & part of Culter Town £21.7.6
Croft Park the other part of Culter Town £36.17.8
Townfoot £26.14.6
Gateside £21.13.0
Eastfeild £36.16.6
Caswayend £18.3.4
East Mains £117.11.6
Cornhill £48.16.6
Wolfclyde £73.16.8
Gardners land and Westfield Croft including the Miln Lands £21.7.6
Miln of Culter £24.11.10
Windyhill and Paddock pool £8.0.6
Westfeild including Sommertons £31.15.0
Culter Park including Isobellhill Damside and Dambrae £37.16.10
James Baillie Unthanks £37.8.2
James Denholm Birthwood £178.15.2
John Brown Cultermains £210.0.0
William Bertram Esq Nisbet £210.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £1600.0.0
Dalserf & Dalzell
The Duke of Hamilton His Lands £1805.0.0
Raploch £260.11.0
Miss Elizabeth Hamilton Her Lands £72.18.6
Miss Margaret Hamilton Her Lands £196.0.0
The Trustees of the deceased James Hamilton of Broomhill Their part of Dalserf £51.1.6
Milnburn £100.0.0
James Hamilton of Broomhill Farm of Auldton 100.16.6 8/24
Bogside and Aulton feild £61.1.11 8/24
Swynhill £45.0.0
Broomhill £160.0.0
Floors £90.0.0
William Clerk Struthers £62.5.0
Archibald Millar Halston myre £20.15.0
William Hutchison Woodside £40.0.0
Sandieholm £45.0.0
Birkenshaw £35.0.0
Tourland £12.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £3320.11.0
John Hamilton Esq The Lands of Dalzell lying to the South & South East of the Edinr [Edinburgh] Toll road £648.4.0
James Hamilton Esq Motherwell lying to the North west of the Edinr [Edinburgh] Toll road £267.13.0
John Hamilton Esq Carshogle haugh £30.3.0
Shiells £54.5.8
Over Johnston £50.0.0
Cuningare £33.6.8
of Carfin Todleburn £43.7.6
Ravens Craig £106.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £1232.19.10

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