Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
General Lockhart His Lands of Lampetts £254.3.0
His other Lands £1177.9.0
John Logan Woodend and Hairshaw £79.0.0
James Tod Greenshiells &ca £82.0.0
John Dummock His Lands £45.0.0
George Ramsay His part of Gallowshill £20.0.0
James Wilson Gildas in Stobwood £90.0.0
James Stark Lawhead £56.0.0
James Russell His Lands £22.0.0
John Prentice Auchingray £110.0.0
Adam Linn Auchingray £66.0.0
James Nimmo Tarbrax £43.4.0
Thomas Sommerville His Lands there £45.4.0
Adam Sommerville His Lands there £45.4.0
James Bell Mosshat £43.4.0
Linn's Mosshat £43.4.0
Middletoun, Mountain Blow, Over and Nether Cruikands £128.7.10
Muirhall Hillsyke Gardwoodend and Kings Inns £139.10.2
Easter Yeard Houses £116.8.2
The forty Shilling Land of Greenfeild part of the Four pound Land of Greenfeild £63.18.7
William Tenant The half of the Lands of Crafthill £52.9.0
Sir James Stewart Denholm in property and Superiority The Lands of Westshiell &c £323.1.11
Easter Hynchelwood £92.10.0
Sommerville Yeard houses £42.4.0
Daniel Broun Woolfords £66.2.8
Jean Girdwood Her part of Westsidewood £66.5.4
Ann Girdwood Her part of Westsidewood £66.0.0
Spittle £54.0.0
Cleughs Lands £84.18.6
Carried forward £3518.4.2

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