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Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Earl of Hyndford These parts of the Lands and Barrony of Mauldslie disponed to Trustees acting under the Settlement of the third Earl of Hyndford £500.0.0
The remaining parts of said Lands and Barrony not contained in said disposition £419.13.6
Lord Douglas Part of Mauldslie £551.10.11 ½
William Harvie Bowmanhirst part of Mauldslie £48.15.6 ½
Hyndfords Part of Garrin £85.6.8
Sir James Stewart His part of Hallcraig £380.0.0
Mr Muir His part thereof £60.0.0
Milntown and part of Waygateshaw £500.19.4
Milntoun Miln £33.6.8
Mr Lockhart of Lee His Lands in this Parish £550.15.2
Mrs Porterfeild of Fullwood Her Lands in this Parish £94.4.10
Waygateshaw £365.14.0
Lady Ross Baillie Hyndshaw £470.0.0
Kirktoun £300.0.0
Middlehouse £66.13.4
James Bell Westerhouse £66.13.4
John Haddow & Thomas Martin Easter Seatt £66.13.4
John & Gabriel Davidson Their Lands £50.0.0
Lord Belhaven His part of Garrin £35.0.0
Windie Hall £35.6.8
John Gray Cauldstream £18.18.4
Robert Wilson Betties £29.6.8
John Cadroe His Lands £29.6.8
Thomas Hutchison His Lands £29.6.8
John Prentice for William Cadzow His Lands £29.6.8
William Wilson His Lands £21.19.10
James Cunningham Elder His Lands £21.19.10
Carried forwd [forward] £4860.18.0

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