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Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
The Duke of Hamilton His Lands £1792.9.0
His part of Coatts £300.0.0
Easter Greenlees £126.6.8
Morriston £68.0.0
Newton £263.0.0
Gilbertfeild £225.10.6
Spittle £133.6.8
Crooked Shiell £19.0.0
Chapple £10.10.0
Vicarland £12.12.6
Andrew Scott His Lands £40.12.0
Westburn £244.10.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £3235.17.4
John Millar Tarbrax £267.0.0
James Stewart allantoun, Westertoun Catburn, Torbush, Croftfoot, Morningside and Hungryhill £455.1.0
James Stewart Easter Redmyre Muiryett Duntiblaemiln and Mill Land Dykes & Damside £210.14.0
John Miller Blackhall £80.15.0
Baddallan £107.10.0
Alexander Waddle Leadloch £64.10.0
John Cleland Stain £79.10.0
John Steel His Lands there £79.0.0
James Rentill His Lands there £39.10.0
John Russell His Lands there £39.10.0
Wester Redmyre £141.0.0
Darngevill £46.0.0
Sommer Syde £30.10.0
Davids Dykes £118.0.0
Auchterhead £30.10.0
Baillies Muirs £8.0.0
Aucter Bridgend £14.10.0
James Lockhart Esqr. Mains of Cambusnethan and Carbarns £305.18.7
Batts avenue, Stable waterside, Robiesward, Ladies Brounlies and Langparks £180.7.0
Parks in the Overbraes £12.0.5½
Branchillburn £60.2.0
One half of Crigledyke £68.12.4
One half of Cringledyke £68.12.4
Herdhill £42.4.6
Stonecraig and Muirhouse £44.7.3
Whitestripe £10.0.5
Goulhill £5.0.2½
Goukthropple £22.11.11
Carried forward £2632.12.0

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