Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Bothwell [Continued]
Brot [Brought] forward £6732.0.0
Boigs £66.13.4
James Hamilton Muirhouse £20.0.0
Gavin Thomson His Lands £25.8.6
Robert Burns His Lands £87.1.6
Gavin Thomson His Lands £73.0.0
James Neismith Sixteen Shilling and eight penny Land in Bothwell £34.4.5 4/12
Duncan McMillan His part thereof including the Miln £17.2.2 8/12
James Hamilton His Lands £73.0.0
Robert Murray His Lands £25.0.0
James Thomson Parkhead £19.10.0
John Burns His Lands £6.0.0
Gavin Hamilton His Lands £19.0.0
Bankhead £6.0.0
Charles Peddie Two Merk Land houses thereto belonging and four acres of Land formerly James Waddles £37.5.0 9/12
Charles Peddie Two houses and two yeards in the Toun of Bothwell with the Coallands belonging thereto formerly James Waddles £10.14.11 3/12
Daniel Hamilton His Lands £10.0.0
Earl of Forfar His Lands £13.0.0
Andrew Sym His Lands £4.0.0
Priband Yeards and part of Reath £85.4.0
John Blair His Lands £14.10.0
George Aitkman His Lands £17.3.2
Mr Andrew Gray His Lands £7.15.0
Michael Potter His Lands £6.14.6
Total Valuation of this Parish £7410.6.8

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