Land tax rolls for Kincardineshire, volume 01

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E106/18/1/1 Fettercairn Parioch
E106/18/1/1 Earle of Southesq for all his lands £2408.6.8
E106/18/1/1 Earle of Midleton for all his £2695.0.8
E106/18/1/1 Ld. [Lord] of Balmain for all his lands £1844.13.4
E106/18/1/1 Balnakettle possest be William Strachane £165.17.8
E106/18/1/1 [---] for Dallidies £441.6.8
E106/18/1/1 Balfour and Newdosk £646.26
E106/18/1/1 Ld [Laird] of Balbegno £608.0.0
E106/18/1/1 Aberluthnot parioch
E106/18/1/1 Laird of Newtoun for his haill lands £3320.13.4
E106/18/1/1 Coll: [Colonel] Ferguson for his part of Kirktunhill & Balnakellie £785.0.0
E106/18/1/1 James Milne of Hatton £459.0.0
E106/18/1/1 Thornetoun in all £1072.0.0
E106/18/1/1 Balnakewan Litle and meikle £591.0.0
E106/18/1/1 Easter & Midle Pitgarvies £234.6.8
E106/18/1/1 Caldhame £214.0.0
E106/18/1/1 Drumnagair possest be Mr. Andrew Wood £378.6.8
E106/18/1/1 Wester Pitgarvy £140.0.0
E106/18/1/1 Conveth Parioch
E106/18/1/1 Lord Halcertoun in all Comprehending the Liferented Lands qch [quhich] is a third part £2201.6.8
E106/18/1/1 Johnstoun £604.6.8
E106/18/1/1 Redmyre and Inchbreck £306.14.0
E106/18/1/1 Benholm parioch
E106/18/1/1 Ld [Laird] of Benholm or litle Benholm £934.13.4
E106/18/1/1 Ld. [Laird] of Brothertoun comprehending Balhaggartie land Neither Benholm £2154.18.8
E106/18/1/1 Col: [Colonel] Keir his lands compreheding Knox and Tullories £1098.10.6
E106/18/1/1 Ecclesgreig parioch
E106/18/1/1 Laird of Creigy £373.2.?
E106/18/1/1 Phaesdoe his Lands comprehending [Lawriestoun] £1967.3.8
E106/18/1/1 Comestoun belonging to Colin Scot £1077.14.4
E106/18/1/1 Kirksy[d]e and Scotstoun £237.4.0
E106/18/1/1 Morphie £538.17.8
E106/18/1/1 Jackstoun £180.3.4
E106/18/1/1 Over Woodstoun £278.14.0
E106/18/1/1 Neither or Little Woodstoun £397.15.0
E106/18/1/1 Bridgtoun, Snadoun and Hospitall £514.0.8
E106/18/1/1 Arbuthnot parioch
E106/18/1/1 Viscount of Arbuthnots haill Lands £5746.8.0
E106/18/1/1 Laird of Allardes with liferented Lands £1761.18.0
E106/18/1/1 Castletoun £197.4.3
E106/18/1/1 Monboddo's haill Lands £1893.1.4
E106/18/1/1 Glenbervie parioch
E106/18/1/1 Laird of Glenbervie Pitdrichie £1505.17.8
E106/18/1/1 Garvock parioch
E106/18/1/1 Whiteriggs, Aithrois and easter Ravenshaw £394.6.4
E106/18/1/1 Bervie parioch
E106/18/1/1 Halgrein £629.13.4
E106/18/1/1 Falsyd £483.0.0
E106/18/1/1 Catterline parioch
E106/18/1/1 Ld [Lord] of Catterline £284.3.8
E106/18/1/1 Bridgfoord Hiltoun & Linngair £676.15.8
E106/18/1/1 Kinneff parioch
E106/18/1/1 Sir David Ogilvy his lands £1030.8.0
E106/18/1/1 Harviestoun £260.13.4
E106/18/1/1 Kinghorny £100.0.0
E106/18/1/1 The Valued Rent of each respective Heretor within the Shire of Kincardine, conform whereunto the Cess and Supplie is presently paid and hath been usually paid for these threttie years bygon.
E106/18/1/2 Dunotir parioch
E106/18/1/2 Earle Marischal's valued rent including [Watte---] & Wodset £4429.13.0
E106/18/1/2 Uras £220.0.0
E106/18/1/2 Neither Kirkland £25.0.0
E106/18/1/2 Fordoun parioch
E106/18/1/2 Ld [Laird] of Fordoun £1014.7.0
E106/18/1/2 Sir David Carnegie of Pittarro for all his lands £2673.2.0
E106/18/1/2 Sir Alexander Falconer of Glenfarquhar's lands £2613.7.0
E106/18/1/2 Strachane parioch
E106/18/1/2 Sir Peter Frasers lands thr [there] including his Wodsets £1240.16.0
E106/18/1/2 Sir Alexander Banneman's Lands thr [there] £887.11.0
E106/18/1/2 Doors parioch
E106/18/1/2 Sir Peter Frasers Lands thr [there] including his Wodsets £2777.9.0
E106/18/1/2 Fetteresso parioch
E106/18/1/2 Sir Thomas Burnet in all £3936.11.4
E106/18/1/2 Sir Alexander Bannerman and his sone in this and Banchorie Devenick parochins £1663.3.4
E106/18/1/2 Ury his Lands £864.18.4
E106/18/1/2 Rickartoun his Lands £713.14.0
E106/18/1/2 Mr James Thomson for Ardutty and Monquhigh £777.0.0
E106/18/1/2 Findla[y]stoun £130.6.8
E106/18/1/2 Reidcloak £156.16.0
E106/18/1/2 Ferrochie £130.6.0
E106/18/1/2 Banchorie Ternan
E106/18/1/2 Drums lands thr [there] £127.5.0
E106/18/1/2 Tulliquhilly and Inchmarloch £506.0.0
E106/18/1/2 Glassell £200.0.0
E106/18/1/2 Cluny & Ramoir £500.11.0
E106/18/1/2 Banchorie Davenick
E106/18/1/2 Banchorie £659.16.0
E106/18/1/2 Portlethen £415.0.0
E106/18/1/2 Ardo £179.0.0
E106/18/1/2 Maryculter pa. [parioch]
E106/18/1/2 Laird of Pitfoddells in all £1869.13.4
E106/18/1/2 Auchlounies £291.13.4
E106/18/1/2 Kincoussie & Aquhorthies £438.1.4
E106/18/1/2 Nigg parioch
E106/18/1/2 Toun of Aberdeens lands £781.6.8
E106/18/1/2 Kirkhilll £138.0.0
E106/18/1/2 [Page] 2 Att [Stenhyve] the 15th day of November 1708 In presence of George Keith of Clackriah shreff [shirreff] dpe [depute] of Kincardine Compeard George McKenzie collector of the Supplies throf [thereof] and Produced the above abstract of the va/ luaon [valuation] of the sd [said] Shire consisting of this and the preceding page each con/ taining tuo columns subd [suscribed] be him and the sd [said] Collector did depone that the same is a just and true abstract of the said v/ aluation according qrunto [qherunto] he prtly [presently] uplifts the Cess and hath done so these 30 years bygon and upwards Declar/ ing allwise that he hath made this pret [present] list as the Heritors Doe pretly[presently] possess and pay Cess and albeit there have been severall sales and excambions in haill or in pt [part] of the lands wtin [within] the sd [said] Shire dureing the forsd [forsaid] space yet the valuations were the same in substance as above and this is truth as he shall ansr [answer] to God [Signed] George McKenzie George Keith