Proprietor and land Valuation
Dunotir parioch
Earle Marischal's valued rent including [Watte---] & Wodset £4429.13.0
Uras £220.0.0
Neither Kirkland £25.0.0
Fordoun parioch
Ld [Laird] of Fordoun £1014.7.0
Sir David Carnegie of Pittarro for all his lands £2673.2.0
Sir Alexander Falconer of Glenfarquhar's lands £2613.7.0
Strachane parioch
Sir Peter Frasers lands thr [there] including his Wodsets £1240.16.0
Sir Alexander Banneman's Lands thr [there] £887.11.0
Doors parioch
Sir Peter Frasers Lands thr [there] including his Wodsets £2777.9.0
Fetteresso parioch
Sir Thomas Burnet in all £3936.11.4
Sir Alexander Bannerman and his sone in this and Banchorie Devenick parochins £1663.3.4
Ury his Lands £864.18.4
Rickartoun his Lands £713.14.0
Mr James Thomson for Ardutty and Monquhigh £777.0.0
Findla[y]stoun £130.6.8
Reidcloak £156.16.0
Ferrochie £130.6.0
Banchorie Ternan
Drums lands thr [there] £127.5.0
Tulliquhilly and Inchmarloch £506.0.0
Glassell £200.0.0
Cluny & Ramoir £500.11.0
Banchorie Davenick
Banchorie £659.16.0
Portlethen £415.0.0
Ardo £179.0.0
Maryculter pa. [parioch]
Laird of Pitfoddells in all £1869.13.4
Auchlounies £291.13.4
Kincoussie & Aquhorthies £438.1.4
Nigg parioch
Toun of Aberdeens lands £781.6.8
Kirkhilll £138.0.0

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Att [Stenhyve] the 15th day of
November 1708 In presence of
George Keith of Clackriah shreff [shirreff]
dpe [depute] of Kincardine
Compeard George McKenzie
collector of the Supplies throf [thereof] and
Produced the above abstract of the va/
luaon [valuation] of the sd [said] Shire consisting of
this and the preceding page each con/
taining tuo columns subd [suscribed] be him and
the sd [said] Collector did depone that the same
is a just and true abstract of the said v/
aluation according qrunto [qherunto] he prtly [presently]
uplifts the Cess and hath done so these
30 years bygon and upwards Declar/
ing allwise that he hath made this
pret [present] list as the Heritors Doe pretly[presently]
possess and pay Cess and albeit there
have been severall sales and
excambions in haill or in pt [part] of the
lands wtin [within] the sd [said] Shire dureing the
forsd [forsaid] space yet the valuations
were the same in substance as above
and this is truth as he shall
ansr [answer] to God
[Signed] George McKenzie
George Keith

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