Proprietor and land Valuation
James Grant of shewgillie ane hundreth and fourtine pounds fiftine shillings £114.15.0
Margaret fraser glenmorrestouns relict three hundreth fourscore tuo pounds fyftine shillings £382.15.0
Archibald mcLelland threttie seven pounds £37.0.0
Gilleis mcgilleis of achamony fourscore pounds ten shillings £80.10.0
The Laird Grant ane thowsand eight hundreth fourtie eight pounds £1848.0.0
Summa £3720.5.0
Wardlawe & Pharneway
The Lord Lowat sex hundreth fourscore fyve pounds sex shillings sex pennyes £685.6.6
Dam Katharine Ross Lady Lowat ane thowsand & tuo pounds ten shillings £1002.10.0
William fraser of Culbokie four hundreth & fyftie pounds £450.0.0
The Laird of Strechine tuo hundreth & tuentie fyve pounds £225.0.0
Alexander fraser of Rillick ane hundreth & fyftie pounds £150.0.0
Mr James fraser of phopachie threescore fyftine pounds fyve shillings £75.5.0
Hugh fraser of belladrum tuo hundreth fourscore eight pounds £288.0.0
Symon fraser of Innerallachie ane hundreth threttie three pounds sex shillings eight pennyes £133.6.8
Alexander fraser of foynes fourscore four pounds seven shillings £84.7.0
Summa £3093.15.2
Conveith & Kiltarlatie
The Lord Lowat Nyne hundreth fourtie fyve pound ten shillings £945.10.0
Alexander Chissolme of Comer Sex hundreth fourscore seventin pounds ten shillings £697.10.0
Thomas fraser of struy threttie pounds £30.0.0
William fraser of Culbockie fyve hundreth threttie tuo pound ten shillings £532.10.0
Alexander fraser of foynes tuentie pounds fyve shillings £20.5.0
James Fraser of Bellachragane threttie ane pound ten shillings £31.10.0
Hugh fraser of Belladrum ane hundreth pounds £100.0.0
John fraser of Glenwackie threescore seventin pounds seventin shillings £71.17.0
Mr John Ross of Pittindreich fourscore ten pounds £90.0.0
James mcintagirt threttine pounds ten shillings £13.10.0
John fraser of Mayne tuentie seven pounds ten shillings £27.10.0
James frasers aires threescore pounds £60.0.0
Hugh fraser of Kinnerries three hundreth fyftie sex pound fyve shillings £356.5.0
Mr Hugh fraser of Eskideall fyftie pounds £50.0.0
John fraser of Mayne in vice of Alexander Chissolm of eskideall fyftie pounds £50.0.0
Summa £3076.7.0
The Lord Lowat ane thowsand ane hundreth & fyftine pounds £1115.0.0
Mr John Ross of pitindreith ane hundreth & tuelve pounds ten shillings £112.10.0
Allan mcranald of [tea]knock fyftie tuo pounds ten shillings £52.10.0
The Laird of Strechen ane hundreth & fyftie pounds £150.0.0
Sir James frasers aires ane hundreth fourscore Nyne pounds ten shillings £189.10.0
John fraser of Glenwackie fyftie tuo pound ten shillings £52.10.0
Hugh fraser of Belladrum tuo hundreth & sextine pounds £216.0.0
John mcCullom in alter tuentie pounds £20.0.0
Alexander Chissolme of Comer ane thowsand fyve hundreth & five pounds £1505.0.0
Belladrums relict in vice of John hectorsone tuentie eight pounds £28.0.0
Belladrum in vice of Kincrage fyftie tuo pounds £52.0.0
Thomas fraser of eskideall tuentie fyve pounds £25.0.0
Hugh fraser of Struy four hundreth & fiftie pounds £450.0.0
Summa £3968.0.0
The Laird of Grant ane thowsand threescore fyftine pounds £1075.0.0
William Grant of [Achinaror] ane hundreth & fyftie pounds £150.0.0
Summa £1225.0.0
The Laird of Grant threescore four pounds £64.0.0
Patrick Grant of tullochgorm tuo hundreth thretie three libs [pounds] £233.0.0
Duncan Grant of Clurie ane hundreth threescore fyve libs [pounds] £165.0.0
James Grant of Glenbegg ane hundreth & sextie pounds £160.0.0
Thomas Grant of Dreggie ane hundreth & fourtie pounds £140.0.0
James Grant of Gortane fourscore pounds £80.0.0
Summa £842.0.0
Abernethie and Kincar[dn]e
The Laird of Grant three hundreth & tuentie tuo pounds £322.0.0
Mungo Grant of Conigass ane hundreth four score fyve pounds £185.0.0
John Grant of Gartinmore tuo hundreth pounds £200.0.0
William Cuming for his wadset of kincarden fourscore thretin libs [pounds] £93.0.0
John Stewart fyftie pounds James Grant of Altcharn in his vice £50.0.0
The successors of Robert Stewart of pitzelles fyftie tuo pound ten shill: [shillings] £52.10.0
The successors of James Stewart of pitvernie threttie pounds £30.0.0
The barron of Kincarden ane hundreth & fyftie pounds £150.0.0
Summa £1082.10.0
The Laird of Rothomurcus four hundreth tuentie fyve pounds £425.0.0
John Shave yr [younger] fyftie pounds £50.0.0
Alexander Farqur yr [younger] tuentie fyve pounds £25.0.0
Summa £500.0.0
Lauchlan mcIntoshe of Kinrara & dellnavert ane hundreth and tuentie sex pounds thretin shillings four pennyes £126.13.4
John mcphersone of Inneressie his mother & Uncles fyve hundreth tuentie fyve pounds £525.0.0
The Marques of Huntly ane hundreth tuentie ane pounds ten shillings £121.10.0
Marjorie Robertsone fourtie fyve pounds £45.0.0
Summa £818.3.4

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John fraser of Glenwackie in Conveith and Kiltarlatie - discrepancy between written amount and figures, most likely words should read 'eleven pounds seventin shillings'.

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