Proprietor and land Valuation
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The Earle of Murray, ane thousand tuo hundreth fyftie four pounds seven shillings £1254.7.0
Hector mcIntoshe of Connedge, three hundreth and threttie ane pounds £331.0.0
Alexander mcIntoshe fiare of Connedge in vice of holme and for the halfe of ower Cowll, fourtie pounds five shillings £40.5.0
Hugh Ross of Killravock ane hundreth threttie ane pounds fyve shillings £131.5.0
John Cuthbert of Altirlies three hundreth and ane pound fyftine shillings £301.15.0
John Forbes of Culloden ane hundreth & fourtie pounds £140.0.0
Summa £2198.12.0
The Laird of Calder, fyve hundreth pounds £500.0.0
Summa patet
William Dollas of Budzeitt his successores tuo hundreth & sex pounds ten shillings £206.10.0
Alexander Ross of holme including the Earle of Murrayes few Duties from Drumurnie now perteining to his brother William Ross fourtie fyve pound £45.0.0
Summa £251.10.0

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The booke of the valued Rents of the Shirefdome
of Innernes Distinct from Ross shyre, as the same
was Rentalled proportioned & rectiefied by the
Comissioners appoynted for Invernes shyre, be
the act of Convention of estates holden at Edr. [Edinburgh]
the tuentie third day of Januarie Jajvjc& sextie
seven yeares [1667], By which the Cess & publict ~
Dues of this shyre is to be Leavied and Coll=
=ected in tyme coming, perfected at Innernes
the twentie seventh day of February Jajvjc&
threescore elleven yeares [1671].

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