Land tax rolls for Cromartyshire, volume 01

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E106/10/1/1 Scots £ sh [Shillings] d [pence] £ sh [Shillings] d [pence]
E106/10/1/1 The Cromarty Estate -- The Commrs [Commissioners] of the Annexed Estates, in place of the late Earl of Cromarty £4288.8.4
E106/10/1/1 The Minr [Minister] of Fearn his wadsett Redeemd £70.0.0
E106/10/1/1 Walter Ross of Green Yards his wadsett redeemd £60.10.0 £130.10.0
E106/10/1/1 The Cromarty Estate -- Sum £4418.18.4
E106/10/1/1 Mr George Ross's Estate -- The Lands of Bannans & Craighouse, including Boghouse £102.0.0
E106/10/1/1 The Lands of Bogg Farness £14.17.6
E106/10/1/1 The Lands of WesterBog Neilstown £12.15.0
E106/10/1/1 The Lands of Wester Navity £106.5.0
E106/10/1/1 The Lands of little Farness and Peddistown £423.4.5⁶⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/1 The Lands of Davidstown (exclusive of Boghouse) and for Easter Bog, Neilstown, the Quarry and Newtown £399.18.11
E106/10/1/1 The Lands of Meikle Farness & Easter Navity £294.4.9⁶⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/1 The Lands late in the Occupation of Alexander Hood £8.17.7⁶⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/1 The Lands of Keys & Plattock in the possn [possession] of George Simpson £13.11.5
E106/10/1/1 The Remr [Remainder] of the Land of Cromarties Lands in & ably[?] Town of Cromy [Cromarty] £423.5.2⁶⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/1 The Lands of Neilstown £27.9.1
E106/10/1/1 These divisions made 25th May 1765 -- Sum £1826.9.0
E106/10/1/1 The Lands of Greenhill £219.0.0
E106/10/1/1 Davidson of Drumhall for Chappeltown £34.0.0
E106/10/1/1 Davidson of Drumhall for the Lands of M? £8.6.4⁷⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/1 Davidson of Drumhall for the remr [remainder] of the Lands of Drumhall £113.9.7⁵⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/1 This divided 1st May 1767 -- Sum £155.16.0
E106/10/1/1 George Mackenzie of Muirfield's Lands now Mr Ross's £16.10.0
E106/10/1/1 Alexander Mitchell's Lands now Mr Ross £12.8.0
E106/10/1/1 Alexander Simpson's Relicts Lands now Mr Ross £0.10.0
E106/10/1/1 Glenurquhart by the meeting 9th October 1765 Mr Ross's £57.18.8⁸⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/1 Mr Ross's Valuation Sum £2288.11.8⁸⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/1 Estate of Cadboll -- Roderick McLeod of Cadboll for that part of his Lands of Cadboll in the parish of Fearn now in the Occupan [Occupation] of Donald McFinlay £29.12.6
E106/10/1/1 Roderick McLeod of Cadboll for the Remr [Remainder] of his Lands of Cadboll's Killmuir in ye [the] parish of Fearn £414.17.6
E106/10/1/1 Roderick McLeod of Cadboll for the Lands of Castletown & Westertown of Lochslin in sd [said] parish £240.0.0
E106/10/1/1 Roderick McLeod of Cadboll for tha Lands of Inverlochslin in Tain parish £106.6.9⁶⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/1 Roderick McLeod of Cadboll for Newtown of Lochslin in said parish £53.19.1⁶⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/1 Roderick McLeod of Cadboll for Knockdow in the said parish £43.3.4
E106/10/1/1 Carried Forward £889.19.3 £6707.10.0⁸⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/1 [Page] 1 At Cromarty the Seventeenth day of october one thousand seven hundred & Seventy five years, The Commrs [Commissioners] of Supply of this County met, when Convein'd Sir John Gordon of InverGorden Bart [Baronet] William Gordon of Newhall Esqr, Hugh Rose of Adnoch Esqr And the said Commrs [Commissioners] after Qualifying by talking the oaths appointed by Law, made Choice of the said Sir John Gordon of InverGordon Bart [Baronet] to be their P?eces. In consequence of the order from the Commrs [Commissioners] of Supply of date the twenty second say of June last, to their Collr [Colector] & Clerk, to have ready and present to the first meeting of Commrs [Commissioners], which is held here this day, pursuant to the Adjournmt [Adjournment] of the said twenty second day of June last, A new & correct valuation Roll or Book of all the Lands within the County. The Collr [Collector] and Clerk reports, that he had examined the Old Rolls, as also the Rolls recorded in Excheqr [Exchequer] in Jaivij and fifty one, and likewise examined the difft [different] divisions of Cumilo Valuations made in meeting of the Commrs [Commissioners] of Supply for the Shire of Cromarty on the twenty fifth day of May, Fourteenth Septemr [September] & ninth October Jaivij Ct and Sixty eight, and that from the @ [above] mentioned papers, He had made out a new valuation Roll, which he hopes comes up to the Ideas of the Commrs [commissioners] on the said twenty second of June last, And it is as follows Vizt - Valuation of the County of Cromarty as Settled by the Commrs [Commissioners] of Supply at a meeting held 17th October 1775
E106/10/1/3 Scots Moy [Money] £ sh [Shillings] d [pence] £ sh [Shillings] d [pence]
E106/10/1/3 Brot [Brought] Over £899.19.3 £6707.10⁸⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/3 Cadbolls Estate Continued. -- Cadboll for Pelneilles in the parish of Fearn £79.11.0 ⁶⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/3 Cadboll for Ballacherry in said parish £78.16.1⁶⁄₁₂
E106/10/1/3 Cadboll for Plaids in said parish £78.9.11
E106/10/1/3 Cadboll for Hilltown alias shardy in said Parish, and Miln £199.10.8
E106/10/1/3 Cadboll for Ammat alias Ammatnatua in Kincardin Parish £35.0.0
E106/10/1/3 This divided 25th May -- Sum £1361.10.0
E106/10/1/3 The mortified Lands divided 30th April 1768 thus: Culduthill for mid Geanies -- £60.0.0
E106/10/1/3 To Continue with Cadboll -- £105.10.0 £165.10.0
E106/10/1/3 Cadboll's Valuation Sum £1527.0.0
E106/10/1/3 Lands & Barony of E. Aird, and Easter Tarbat -- Lands of Wilkhaven & port dues £105.18.8
E106/10/1/3 Newtown £63.15.7
E106/10/1/3 Lochshirr £112.5.7
E106/10/1/3 Craighouse £68.3.9
E106/10/1/3 Painbushandwick £50 .14.1
E106/10/1/3 Easter and Midd Aansallachs £136.7.6
E106/10/1/3 North and Wester Aansallachs £127.11.2
E106/10/1/3 Ballnaskerrish £68.3.9
E106/10/1/3 Easter Side £45.2.4
E106/10/1/3 Brodie's Croft £11.0.5
E106/10/1/3 Wilkhaven, Fish Boat & Crofts £16.10.7
E106/10/1/3 Stonnybladder £92.2.0
E106/10/1/3 Errach £6.10.8
E106/10/1/3 Knockshorly £118.3.10
E106/10/1/3 Wester Side £45.2.4
E106/10/1/3 Pilfade and Gerrach £72.15.0
E106/10/1/3 Ballene £41.5.8
E106/10/1/3 Yards of Ballone £28.13.2
E106/10/1/3 Bindall and Milntown £118.0.8
E106/10/1/3 Milns of Ballone £78.8.7
E106/10/1/3 Leys of Tarbat Ho. [House] £46.17.2
E106/10/1/3 Add for Fractions £0.0.10
E106/10/1/3 Divided 14th Septemr 1765 -- Sum £1453.13.4
E106/10/1/3 Barony of Meikle Tarrill -- Donald Mackenzie's Possn [Possession] in Upperthird £26.5.7
E106/10/1/3 Lands of Coul £52.18.1
E106/10/1/3 Lands besouth the Kiln £23.9.7
E106/10/1/3 Kiln and Miln Crofts £12.3.9
E106/10/1/3 Fisher Crofts £4.13.3
E106/10/1/3 Smith's Crofts £4.15.3
E106/10/1/3 Mains of Meikle Tarrell £157.11.0
E106/10/1/3 Alexander McRory's Croft £0.15.0
E106/10/1/3 Norman Dinoon & Blindman's Crofts £4.10.0
E106/10/1/3 john Mair's croft £1.12.10
E106/10/1/3 Maillers Crofts and Elspet Ross's [?] £16.18.6
E106/10/1/3 Smithtown £8.10.11
E106/10/1/3 Hilltown £29.19.1
E106/10/1/3 Upper third exclusive of Donald Mckenzie's Possn [Possession] £141.3.2
E106/10/1/3 Milns of M: [Mains of] Tarrell £33.13.5
E106/10/1/3 Add for Fractions £0.0.7
E106/10/1/3 Divided 14 Septemr 1765 £519.0.0
E106/10/1/3 Priesthill -- Sir John Gordon for Priesthill £62.0.0
E106/10/1/3 Sir John Gordon's Valuation Sum £2034.13.?
E106/10/1/3 Carried Forward -- Sum £10269.3.4
E106/10/1/3 Brot [Brought] over £10269.3.4
E106/10/1/3 Scots £. Sh [Shillings] d [Pence] Scots £. Sh [Shillings] d [Pence]
E106/10/1/3 Before Stating the divisions of the Cumulo valuation of the Estate of Mr Gordon of Newhall, the Clerk & Collr [Collector] thinks it right to introduace the same wt [with] a short explanatory Notaydum vizt.
E106/10/1/3 1mo/ That Toberchirn is charged to Seatwill at £53.0.0
E106/10/1/3 And Craighouse to the Laird of Cromarty at £53.0.0
E106/10/1/3 In the Roll of the 23rd May 1709
E106/10/1/3 And the Wadsett of Brae & others at £467.0.0
E106/10/1/3 In the Roll of the 4th Novemr 1698 -- Sum £573.0.0
E106/10/1/3 Newhall and Wester Balblair £422.10.0
E106/10/1/3 2do/ That the valuation of Easter St Martin wt [with] the milns of New Miln wt [with] the Milns, of Reesslip, Inches, Ferrytown & Cuhmarline was stated by the meeting of 14 Septemr 1765 at $456.2.6, but reduced by the meeting 9 October 1765 to £398.3.9⁴⁄₁₂ by taking off from said Cumulo £5718.8.8 for Glenurquhart
E106/10/1/3 These things premised Mr Gordon's Cumulo valuation divided on the 14 Septemr & 9th October 1765 Stands at present ascertain'd and is as follows vizt.
E106/10/1/3 Mr Gordon's Estate -- Newhall £325.0.0
E106/10/1/3 Wester Balblair £97.10.0
E106/10/1/3 £422.10.0
E106/10/1/3 Toberchirn £53.0.0
E106/10/1/3 Craighouse £53.0.0
E106/10/1/3 By the Old Rolls Sum £106.0.0
E106/10/1/3 The Lands of Brae £159.6.4
E106/10/1/3 The Lands of Woodhead £25.13.1
E106/10/1/3 Those parts & portions of Cullicudden possest by Hugh Murray and D Matheson £105.11.2
E106/10/1/3 Those parts of said Lands of Cullicuddin possessed by John Simpson Senior, John Simpson Junior & Donald Thomson £98.18.3
E106/10/1/3 Those parts of sd [said] Lands of Cullicuddin possessed by John Murray Senior, John Holm & William Taylor, wt [with] 12 M: Crofts £77.10.10
E106/10/1/3 Add for Fractions £.0.0.4
E106/10/1/3 By the Divisions 14th septemr 1765 Sum £476.0.0
E106/10/1/4 Brot. [Brought] Over £11866.17.2
E106/10/1/4 Harvey Davidson of Tulloch £22.11.0
E106/10/1/4 Harvey Davidson for Udoll £140.5.0
E106/10/1/4 Harvey Davidson for Langlands £37.7.6
E106/10/1/4 Harvey Davidson for Haughs £6.10.0
E106/10/1/4 Sum £206.13.6
E106/10/1/4 The Estate of Ardoch £410.0.0
E106/10/1/4 Lord Seaforth for the miln of Ussy £200.0.0
E106/10/1/4 The Mistress of Culbo £100.0.0
E106/10/1/4 John Clunes younger of Neilstown £62.0.0
E106/10/1/4 Thomas Lindsay's representatives £10.12.6
E106/10/1/4 Donald Williamson Portioner's Lands £4.16.0
E106/10/1/4 Hugh McLeod and James Williamson's Lands £3.7.6
E106/10/1/4 The Juror's Lands £3.4.0
E106/10/1/4 John McCulloch's Lands £0.12.0
E106/10/1/4 The Magistrates of Fortrose £29.0.0
E106/10/1/4 amounting to twelve thousd [thousand] eight hund [hundred] ninety seven pds [pounds] two Shell's [Shillings] & eight pennce Scots £12897.2.8
E106/10/1/4 The meeting upon considering the aforesaid Valuation Roll presented by their Clerk compared with the papers mentioned by their said Clerk in his Report, Approve thereof, and direct the same to be insert in the minutes of this day, As and for the Valuation Roll of the County of Cromarty, Settled and Approved off in the present meeting, and as the Roll of which he is to give forth Extracts, when called upon for Extracts of the Valuation Roll of the County (Signed) John Gordon P. Alexander Brodie Clerk Cromarty 9th October 1777 Extracted from the County Minutes by - Alexander Brodie Clerk