Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total)
Scots £ sh [Shillings] d [pence] £ sh [Shillings] d [pence]
The Cromarty Estate -- The Commrs [Commissioners] of the Annexed Estates, in place of the late Earl of Cromarty £4288.8.4
The Minr [Minister] of Fearn his wadsett Redeemd £70.0.0
Walter Ross of Green Yards his wadsett redeemd £60.10.0 £130.10.0
The Cromarty Estate -- Sum £4418.18.4
Mr George Ross's Estate -- The Lands of Bannans & Craighouse, including Boghouse £102.0.0
The Lands of Bogg Farness £14.17.6
The Lands of WesterBog Neilstown £12.15.0
The Lands of Wester Navity £106.5.0
The Lands of little Farness and Peddistown £423.4.5⁶⁄₁₂
The Lands of Davidstown (exclusive of Boghouse) and for Easter Bog, Neilstown, the Quarry and Newtown £399.18.11
The Lands of Meikle Farness & Easter Navity £294.4.9⁶⁄₁₂
The Lands late in the Occupation of Alexander Hood £8.17.7⁶⁄₁₂
The Lands of Keys & Plattock in the possn [possession] of George Simpson £13.11.5
The Remr [Remainder] of the Land of Cromarties Lands in & ably[?] Town of Cromy [Cromarty] £423.5.2⁶⁄₁₂
The Lands of Neilstown £27.9.1
These divisions made 25th May 1765 -- Sum £1826.9.0
The Lands of Greenhill £219.0.0
Davidson of Drumhall for Chappeltown £34.0.0
Davidson of Drumhall for the Lands of M? £8.6.4⁷⁄₁₂
Davidson of Drumhall for the remr [remainder] of the Lands of Drumhall £113.9.7⁵⁄₁₂
This divided 1st May 1767 -- Sum £155.16.0
George Mackenzie of Muirfield's Lands now Mr Ross's £16.10.0
Alexander Mitchell's Lands now Mr Ross £12.8.0
Alexander Simpson's Relicts Lands now Mr Ross £0.10.0
Glenurquhart by the meeting 9th October 1765 Mr Ross's £57.18.8⁸⁄₁₂
Mr Ross's Valuation Sum £2288.11.8⁸⁄₁₂
Estate of Cadboll -- Roderick McLeod of Cadboll for that part of his Lands of Cadboll in the parish of Fearn now in the Occupan [Occupation] of Donald McFinlay £29.12.6
Roderick McLeod of Cadboll for the Remr [Remainder] of his Lands of Cadboll's Killmuir in ye [the] parish of Fearn £414.17.6
Roderick McLeod of Cadboll for the Lands of Castletown & Westertown of Lochslin in sd [said] parish £240.0.0
Roderick McLeod of Cadboll for tha Lands of Inverlochslin in Tain parish £106.6.9⁶⁄₁₂
Roderick McLeod of Cadboll for Newtown of Lochslin in said parish £53.19.1⁶⁄₁₂
Roderick McLeod of Cadboll for Knockdow in the said parish £43.3.4
Carried Forward £889.19.3 £6707.10.0⁸⁄₁₂

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At Cromarty the Seventeenth day of october one thousand seven hundred & Seventy
five years, The Commrs [Commissioners] of Supply of this County met, when Convein'd Sir John Gordon
of InverGorden Bart [Baronet] William Gordon of Newhall Esqr, Hugh Rose of Adnoch Esqr
And the said Commrs [Commissioners] after Qualifying by talking the oaths appointed by Law, made Choice of the
said Sir John Gordon of InverGordon Bart [Baronet] to be their P?eces. In consequence of the order from the

Commrs [Commissioners] of Supply of date the twenty second say of June last, to their Collr [Colector] & Clerk, to have
ready and present to the first meeting of Commrs [Commissioners], which is held here this day, pursuant to the
Adjournmt [Adjournment] of the said twenty second day of June last, A new & correct valuation Roll or
Book of all the Lands within the County. The Collr [Collector] and Clerk reports, that he had
examined the Old Rolls, as also the Rolls recorded in Excheqr [Exchequer] in Jaivij and fifty one,
and likewise examined the difft [different] divisions of Cumilo Valuations made in meeting of the
Commrs [Commissioners] of Supply for the Shire of Cromarty on the twenty fifth day of May, Fourteenth
Septemr [September] & ninth October Jaivij Ct and Sixty eight, and that from the @ [above] mentioned papers, He had
made out a new valuation Roll, which he hopes comes up to the Ideas of the Commrs [commissioners] on
the said twenty second of June last, And it is as follows Vizt -

Valuation of the County of Cromarty as Settled by the Commrs [Commissioners] of Supply at a
meeting held 17th October 1775

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