Land tax rolls for Angus (Forfarshire), volume 01

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E106/16/1/1 Paroche of Keithnes
E106/16/1/1 Laird of pitcur For the barronie of pitcur and keillor £1577.17.6
E106/16/1/1 Be him for the barronie of keithnes £424.5.6
E106/16/1/1 Be him for the Lands of baldowrie £271.0.0
E106/16/1/1 John halyburtowne of ardlair £427.13.4
E106/16/1/1 alexander halyburtowne of Fotherance £302.1.2
E106/16/1/1 Viscount of stormount few foorth throf [thereof] £8.12.2
E106/16/1/1 mylne of keithnes £89.18.2
E106/16/1/1 Land of balgillo blair £465.18.6
E106/16/1/1 Kirkland of keithnes £81.14.6
E106/16/1/1 balgeirsheo for the westounend of keithnes £261.8.0
E106/16/1/1 Bandirran £171.9.10
E106/16/1/1 Lord Zester teynd foorth thairof £8.3.8
E106/16/1/1 Patrick andersone portioner of peattie £85.13.6
E106/16/1/1 Seasyd part throf [thereof] £85.13.6
E106/16/1/1 Stronomock pt throf [part thereof] £85.13.6
E106/16/1/1 David Ogilvy part throf [thereof] £85.13.6
E106/16/1/1 Alexander Halyburtoune of Corstowne £53.12.8
E106/16/1/1 Robert Cathrow £24.11.2
E106/16/1/1 John Davidsone £16.7.6
E106/16/1/1 [Total] £4527.7.8
E106/16/1/1 Cowpar
E106/16/1/1 Lord Cowpar For the precinct of cowpar and feu deuties throf [thereof] in Angus £196.3.10
E106/16/1/1 Newtyle
E106/16/1/1 Land of pitcur rent therein jncluding henderstowne and pitneppie £1657.17.10
E106/16/1/1 Cawstowne £122.13.0
E106/16/1/1 Davidstowne £106.2.10
E106/16/1/1 Mylneholl £53.1.4
E106/16/1/1 Easter keillor £130.14.0
E106/16/1/1 Patrick andersone for burnmouth £53.12.8
E106/16/1/1 Land of Navay for Eddertie £81.14.6
E106/16/1/1 Major browne portioner of balmaw £65.7.0
E106/16/1/1 John gray portioner throf [throf] £32.12.0
E106/16/1/1 [Total] £2303.15.2
E106/16/1/1 Essie & Navay
E106/16/1/1 Lord Cowpar thair £751.14.10
E106/16/1/1 Laird of Nevay thr [there] £727.6.6
E106/16/1/1 Mr David Denmwir thr [there] £514.15.2
E106/16/1/1 Dunkenny £653.12.10
E106/16/1/1 Balgowny £326.15.0
E106/16/1/1 John Low in haltoune of essie £17.10.0
E106/16/1/1 [Total] £2991.14.4
E106/16/1/1 Ruthven
E106/16/1/1 Laird of Ruthven thair £621.0.10
E106/16/1/1 Heir followeth the roll of the rents of the shirriffedome of forfar as they wer valued For the cropt Jajvi c & Fourtie Nyn [1649] by warrand grantit by act of parliament and condiscendence had anent the mantenance and rents at the meitting of the commissioners of the shyres of this natione at Edh [Edinburgh] In July 1653 [Page] 1
E106/16/1/1 L.s.d. for pounds, shillings and pence, the letters being taken from the Latin librae, solidi and denarii.
E106/16/1/3 Nather glenylla
E106/16/1/3 Laird of Ruthven thair £699.17.6
E106/16/1/3 Craig Ogilvy £167.10.8
E106/16/1/3 John Rattrey woodset £73.10.8
E106/16/1/3 Laird of bamffe thr [there] £36.16.8
E106/16/1/3 John andersone por [portioner] of auchrenny £40.15.10
E106/16/1/3 Archibald glenny relict ££8.9.4
E106/16/1/3 [total] £997.0.8
E106/16/1/3 over glenylla
E106/16/1/3 John Mackintosche of Forter £261.5.2
E106/16/1/3 Newtowne Ogilvy £240.15.10
E106/16/1/3 Craignitie £102.1.0
E106/16/1/3 Bellatie £102.1.0
E106/16/1/3 John hall and John beg £6.4.2
E106/16/1/3 Thomas clerk £18.7.0
E106/16/1/3 William burnes of holmir £10.3.2
E106/16/1/3 John pattoune Lands of auchleische £14.2.2
E106/16/1/3 Fitspart [Fitspatrick] clerk £16.7.6
E106/16/1/3 Crwnan thair £32.14.10
E106/16/1/3 Over Elrick £24.8.4
E106/16/1/3 Nather Elrick £24.8.4
E106/16/1/3 John pattoune and David smairt pts [parts] of downy £20.9.4
E106/16/1/3 Wester downy £36.16.8
E106/16/1/3 William Mcnicoll pt [part] of eister Inneraritie & downy £27.13.4
E106/16/1/3 Colin patersone and charles grewar thr [there] £20.9.4
E106/16/1/3 Duncan Bressock [arret] £10.3.2
E106/16/1/3 James Hall £4.4.8
E106/16/1/3 Coutterhouse & John hutchelsone £40.5.10
E106/16/1/3 Thomas Olipher yor [younger] £19.6.8
E106/16/1/3 Thomas Olipher elder £61.16.4
E106/16/1/3 William Clerk and Issobell hall pt [part] of Innerraritie £19.12.4
E106/16/1/3 John hall for dalnacebock £21.6.2
E106/16/1/3 James burnes pt throf [part thereof] £21.6.2
E106/16/1/3 Collin clerk pt [part] of Kirktonne £5.12.10
E106/16/1/3 george mitchell pt throf [part thereof] & smyddie rwst £10.14.6
E106/16/1/3 William alexr [alexander] pt [part] of cambock and Kirkhillocks £24.8.4
E106/16/1/3 William burne pt [part] of Kirkhillocks £4.4.8
E106/16/1/3 John baxter pt throf [part thereof] £10.3.2
E106/16/1/3 __ Macknicoll pt [part] of glenmarkie £16.7.6
E106/16/1/3 John Spalding sext pt [part] of bellatie £16.7.6
E106/16/1/3 David spalding lands of Needs £10.3.2
E106/16/1/3 Thomas Macknicoll pt [part] of glenmarkie £16.7.6
E106/16/1/3 [total] £1271.7.8
E106/16/1/3 Alicht
E106/16/1/3 Eschintillie for his thrid pt [part] of broad Land and thrie pts [parts] of Coldrach £24.11.2
E106/16/1/3 David spalding for his thrid pt [part] of drumforck and sext pt [part] of coldrach £45.0.6
E106/16/1/3 Andrew spalding lands of drumforck £11.3.0
E106/16/1/3 William Rattrey Lands of broadLand £23.3.0
E106/16/1/3 John Brysone Lands of coldrache £11.3.0
E106/16/1/3 John Robertsone Lands throf [thereof] £5.12.10
E106/16/1/3 Donald Robertsone Lands of westertoune £14.2.2
E106/16/1/3 John Rattrey Lands thereof £14.2.2
E106/16/1/3 Johne Adame Lands and mylne £33.17.6
E106/16/1/3 Erle of Airlie tack deutie thr [there] £15.2.0
E106/16/1/3 John Robertsone of Straloche for Deutie thair £29.15.8
E106/16/1/3 [total] £227.13.0
E106/16/1/3 Airlie
E106/16/1/3 Erle of Kingorne not woodset thr [there] £2468.19.8
E106/16/1/3 Patrick crichtoune woodset thr [there] £154.6.10
E106/16/1/3 Sir david Nevay of Reidie £294.3.0
E106/16/1/3 Land of balfour thr [there] £368.13.6
E106/16/1/3 Graing of Airlie £147.1.6
E106/16/1/3 Blackstowne £155.5.2
E106/16/1/3 Auchindorie £97.16.2
E106/16/1/3 Lord Ogilvy thr [there] £346.18.8
E106/16/1/3 John Smyth woodset thr [there] £12.5.6
E106/16/1/3 [total] £4045.10.0
E106/16/1/3 Lintrathin
E106/16/1/3 Erle of Airlie thair besyd qt [quhat] is comptable Be peill eldr [elder] & yor [younger] £367.2.4
E106/16/1/3 Peill elder cwrn rent £53.12.8
E106/16/1/3 For that he hes of Airlie rent £53.12.8
E106/16/1/3 Peill yor [younger] woodset of ballintor £63.8.10
E106/16/1/3 For that rent he hes of Airlie £36.16.8
E106/16/1/3 Lord Ogilvy thr [there] £522.18.10
E106/16/1/3 Aucharrach woodset thr [there] £32.12.0
E106/16/1/3 Shannallie thr [there] £98.1.10
E106/16/1/3 Woodsetter of Ravernie £40.15.10
E106/16/1/3 Perssie ogilvy for easter glenquharritie £89.12.6
E106/16/1/3 Fornathie £81.14.6
E106/16/1/3 [total] £1540.8.8
E106/16/1/3 Kingoldrome
E106/16/1/3 Laird of balfour thair £513.12.6
E106/16/1/3 be him for the thrid of west baldowie £40.17.8
E106/16/1/3 James fentonne or balfour for ascreawie £81.14.6
E106/16/1/3 Colonell Ogilvy of east baldowie £263.8.10
E106/16/1/3 For the tuo pt [part] of west baldowie be him £81.15.4
E106/16/1/3 Fintrie elder for easter perssie £236.16.10
E106/16/1/3 Thomas and david Ogilvyes of West perssie £163.8.10
E106/16/1/3 John Ramsay of Quharrach £163.8.10
E106/16/1/3 Schannallie pt [part] of Kinclewne £98.1.10
E106/16/1/3 Alexander Lindsay pt [part] throf [thereof] £24.14.0
E106/16/1/3 John burne por throf [portioner thereof] £24.14.0
E106/16/1/3 James smairl por throf [portioner thereof] £24.14.0
E106/16/1/3 John peddie por throf [portioner thereof] £12.5.8
E106/16/1/3 William Stewart por throf [portioner thereof] £12.5.8
E106/16/1/3 Erle of Airlie thr [there] £180.19.0
E106/16/1/3 Lord Ogilvy thr [there] £110.13.2
E106/16/1/3 Andrew barnett woodsett £22.6.0
E106/16/1/3 David barnett woodset £22.6.0
E106/16/1/3 [total] £1978.2.8
E106/16/1/3 Kirremure
E106/16/1/3 Laird of Loggie proper and woodset rent thr [there] £1315.15.2
E106/16/1/3 Laird of Fintrie eld [elder] for glenprossin £392.7.8
E106/16/1/3 For his Lands of the mylne of Kirremure and its [phuerrs] £196.3.10
E106/16/1/3 Erle of Kingorne for balmuckattie £285.16.4
E106/16/1/3 Cossines for Kyntyrie £100.9.10
E106/16/1/3 Laird of balfour for his woodset of Auchleyche and Kinquhirrie £228.16.0
E106/16/1/3 [Page] 2 [Page] 3
E106/16/1/5 Kirremure [continued]
E106/16/1/5 James Annand of Kinqhirrie not woodset £77.7.8
E106/16/1/5 Easter ballinscheo ptaining [pertaining] to Robert fletcher £277.15.6
E106/16/1/5 glesswall £212.8.6
E106/16/1/5 Fynnaltie for over and nether ballinshoe £147.1.6
E106/16/1/5 Fewars of easter Tarbirmes £114.6.6
E106/16/1/5 Schilhill thr [there] £89.1.2
E106/16/1/5 Easter Ogill for balbegno £16.18.8
E106/16/1/5 glencalla for Rannagliro £7.12.4
E106/16/1/5 Lord Spynie thr [there] not woodset £613.8.4
E106/16/1/5 Woodset of Langbanck £36.16.8
E106/16/1/5 John howie relict woodset £12.5.8
E106/16/1/5 William howie woodset £12.5.8
E106/16/1/5 James newtoune woodset of Kilhill £61.2.4
E106/16/1/5 Mr David Lindsay woodset of sandiefoord £81.14.6
E106/16/1/5 Thomas hesswall thrid pt [part] of west tarbirmes £32.14.10
E106/16/1/5 __ Andersone thrid throf [thereof] £32.14.10
E106/16/1/5 John Lindsay thrid pt throf [part thereof] £32.14.10
E106/16/1/5 Woodsetter of Lednathie £163.8.10
E106/16/1/5 Haystowne for drumclwne £45.0.6
E106/16/1/5 For his woodset of Kinquhirrie £36.16.8
E106/16/1/5 Land of Innercarritie by his woodset of Lednathie £1821.18.2
E106/16/1/5 [total] £6445.4.6
E106/16/1/5 Fewares of the Kirktoune of Kirremur £310.10.4
E106/16/1/5 Clovay
E106/16/1/5 Land of clovay not woodset £87.18.8
E106/16/1/5 Lenneard neilsone woodset £37.13.8
E106/16/1/5 John farqrsone [farquharsone] woodset £33.11.10
E106/16/1/5 David Lindsay woodset £159.4.2
E106/16/1/5 Wester Lethnot £98.1.10
E106/16/1/5 Easter Lethnot £98.1.10
E106/16/1/5 [total] £514.12.0
E106/16/1/5 Cortaquhie
E106/16/1/5 Erle of airlie not woodset thr [there] £751.14.10
E106/16/1/5 John sympsone woodset £65.7.0
E106/16/1/5 galla elder £65.7.0
E106/16/1/5 alexander Lindsay woodset of Rotwall £139.3.4
E106/16/1/5 Woodsetter of [Edyne] £36.16.8
E106/16/1/5 glencalla thr [there] £41.9.10
E106/16/1/5 James Duncan woodset £16.7.6
E106/16/1/5 James Lindsay woodset £16.7.6
E106/16/1/5 Alexander dawie woodset £24.11.2
E106/16/1/5 Braesyd £89.18.2
E106/16/1/5 [total] £1247.3.0
E106/16/1/5 Glamis
E106/16/1/5 Arblair and bamff woodset of the tuo pt [part] of Drumgley £248.5.6
E106/16/1/5 Mr [Master] of glamis woodset of the thrid throf [thereof] and balnamoone £222.0.4
E106/16/1/5 Robert fothringhame woodset of the myretoune of glamis £57.17.4
E106/16/1/5 Rochelhill £98.18.10
E106/16/1/5 Knockkenny £75.7.4
E106/16/1/5 mr James auchinleck woodset of newtoune £92.14.8
E106/16/1/5 Glamis [continued]
E106/16/1/5 Catharine Lyone pentione foorth of the toune of glamis £15.7.8
E106/16/1/5 For her woodset thr [there] £89.6.10
E106/16/1/5 francis heastie pentione in glamis £6.1.4
E106/16/1/5 Woodsetter of Wester denwne £269.11.8
E106/16/1/5 Captaine Lyone for westhill and aikers in glamis £49.2.4
E106/16/1/5 Easter Denwne £274.16.2
E106/16/1/5 Lands of Thorntowne £417.7.4
E106/16/1/5 Clayverhouse thair £902.18.2
E106/16/1/5 Cossines thr [there] £149.3.10
E106/16/1/5 Walkmylne of glamis £5.4.4
E106/16/1/5 William gray of Haystoune £144.10.8
E106/16/1/5 Erle of Kingorne Lands thair not woodset and given in pentione £1264.2.0
E106/16/1/5 [total] £4382.16.4
E106/16/1/5 Kynnetles
E106/16/1/5 Land of brigtoune £1060.5.8
E106/16/1/5 Sir thomas mudie for kynnetles £305.8.8
E106/16/1/5 Ladie Cossines Lyfrent of Innerchitie £228.16.0
E106/16/1/5 Mylne of Innerrichtie £62.16.2
E106/16/1/5 William gray of haystoune for foffartie £139.17.6
E106/16/1/5 Leckowne and his mother equallie £174.12.0
E106/16/1/5 [total] £1971.16.0
E106/16/1/5 Tannadyce
E106/16/1/5 David Ogilvy of over kynnaltie aires thair £147.1.6
E106/16/1/5 John ogilvy of kynnaltie for the pt [part] of the barronie throf [thereof] walled auchleische cossax and shreffebank £135.10.0
E106/16/1/5 Nather Kynnaltie £69.11.8
E106/16/1/5 Thomas Ogilvy for Torphachie and start being pts [parts] of the Ps [Parish] lands of Kynnaltie £125.18.0
E106/16/1/5 James Lindsay of glenqueich £77.12.6
E106/16/1/5 Mr James Lindsay woodset of cowle £212.8.6
E106/16/1/5 Findowrie woodset £171.15.4
E106/16/1/5 Alexander strachane woodset thr [there] £190.16.7
E106/16/1/5 Thomas fentone woodset thr [there] £70.11.5
E106/16/1/5 baldowkie woodset £143.2.4
E106/16/1/5 george Ramsay woodset thr [there] £114.9.4
E106/16/1/5 george clephane woodset thr [there] £98.1.10
E106/16/1/5 David Lyone woodset of balgillie £179.16.4
E106/16/1/5 Erle of Kingorne not woodset £147.1.6
E106/16/1/5 Wester Ogill woodset thr [there] £98.1.11
E106/16/1/5 For his Lands of wester Ogill £653.12.4
E106/16/1/5 Easter Ogill woodset thr [there] £98.1.11
E106/16/1/5 For his Lands of easter Ogill £326.6.6
E106/16/1/5 William and alexander guthrie of memis relicts £155.5.0
E106/16/1/5 Mr John Livingstoune of west memis £163.8.10
E106/16/1/5 Wester Auchleuchrie £98.1.10
E106/16/1/5 Schilhill for auchnagray £61.19.2
E106/16/1/5 Inschewan not woodset £234.11.8
E106/16/1/5 John Ramsay woodset thr [there] £92.3.4
E106/16/1/5 Cairne and shreffebank £130.14.0
E106/16/1/5 [Page] 4 [Page] 5
E106/16/1/7 Tannadyce [continued]
E106/16/1/7 John Lindsay of corrilhill £89.18.2
E106/16/1/7 Newmylne of Phinevin £75.10.2
E106/16/1/7 Laird of murthill for his Lands of murthill Barneyards Whytwall dobies justinhauch and some lands of his wtin [within] the paroche of Tannadyce £825.2.10
E106/16/1/7 [total] £4986.14.6
E106/16/1/7 Innerraritie
E106/16/1/7 Mistres of gray Lyfrent Lands thair £1099.2.0
E106/16/1/7 Powrie Fothringhame £237.19.4
E106/16/1/7 Monorgound for Labothie £65.7.0
E106/16/1/7 Fincaldrum for halfe carrat £47.16.10
E106/16/1/7 Alexander bonar of balgeirsches thr [there] £106.2.10
E106/16/1/7 [total] £1556.8.0
E106/16/1/7 Methie
E106/16/1/7 Lord Loury thair £392.7.8
E106/16/1/7 Kincaldrume thair £457.3.4
E106/16/1/7 Easter methie and Kincreich ptaining [pertaining] to alexander Bowar eld [elder] £343.19.4
E106/16/1/7 Wester graing halfe of easter graing mylne and mylne lands of Kincreich £167.7.10
E106/16/1/7 Walkmylne of glenboy £28.10.2
E106/16/1/7 Innerrichtie pt [part] of glenboy £57.6.0
E106/16/1/7 David Ogilvy pt throf [part thereof] £57.6.0
E106/16/1/7 John mitchelsone por [portioner] of graing £57.6.0
E106/16/1/7 Wester Methie £130.14.0
E106/16/1/7 [total] £1692.0.4
E106/16/1/7 Dunichten
E106/16/1/7 Erle of Southesk thair £1034.3.6
E106/16/1/7 Dumbarrow £196.3.10
E106/16/1/7 Erle of Kingorne thr [there] £674.4.10
E106/16/1/7 [total] £1904.12.2
E106/16/1/7 Forfar
E106/16/1/7 Restenneth £159.4.2
E106/16/1/7 Haystonne for turffebeg & garth £343.2.6
E106/16/1/7 balmischanner £114.9.4
E106/16/1/7 Litlemylne £49.2.2
E106/16/1/7 burnesyd £224.11.2
E106/16/1/7 West dod £125.15.2
E106/16/1/7 Pittreuchie £73.10.8
E106/16/1/7 Craignathrow £261.8.0
E106/16/1/7 Halkertoune £179.16.4
E106/16/1/7 Gairdyne for myresyd & carsburne £47.2.8
E106/16/1/7 Cloggybridges and muirtoune mylne £108.2.2
E106/16/1/7 alexander Bowar for the muire of methie £67.0.10
E106/16/1/7 Lord Loun thair £559.15.8
E106/16/1/7 Kirkmr [Kirkmaster] of forfar for the eastoun end of forfar mortified to the poore £144.7.8
E106/16/1/7 [total] £2457.8.6
E106/16/1/7 Rescobie
E106/16/1/7 Laird of garrdyne thr [there] £1045.17.8
E106/16/1/7 balmadies £441.4.4
E106/16/1/7 Drymie £98.1.10
E106/16/1/7 Carsbank £179.16.2
E106/16/1/7 Cossines thr [there] £142.8.2
E106/16/1/7 Reswallie £60.5.4
E106/16/1/7 Rescobie [continued]
E106/16/1/7 Pitscandlie not lyfrentit £301.15.4
E106/16/1/7 Issobell guthrie Lyfrent Lands thr [there] £60.5.4
E106/16/1/7 Burnsyd woodset thair £208.15.0
E106/16/1/7 Mr Robert Edward woodset £134.18.8
E106/16/1/7 Mr John Pilmor woodset £226.5.0
E106/16/1/7 [total] £2899.12.10
E106/16/1/7 Aberlemno
E106/16/1/7 Erle of Kingorne thr [there] not woodset £737.9.8
E106/16/1/7 Erle of southesk for pitkennitie £32.12.0
E106/16/1/7 Laird of Melgound £513.12.6
E106/16/1/7 Laird of garrdyne thr [there] £703.17.10
E106/16/1/7 Sir Robert fletcher thair £703.17.10
E106/16/1/7 John jonkyne for balbenny & damesyd £277.15.2
E106/16/1/7 David jonkyne for Balglessie £147.1.2
E106/16/1/7 Tulliequhandland thr [there] £196.7.0
E106/16/1/7 fleymingtoune £118.11.2
E106/16/1/7 Carsgowry £179.18.2
E106/16/1/7 [total] £3611.2.6
E106/16/1/7 Fearne
E106/16/1/7 Erle of Southesk thair £1977.14.8
E106/16/1/7 David Dewqr of tht [that] ilk £130.14.0
E106/16/1/7 Shannallie for West balquhadlie £53.1.4
E106/16/1/7 Auchnacrie £57.8.10
E106/16/1/7 [total] £2218.18.10
E106/16/1/7 Carraldstoune
E106/16/1/7 Laird of balnamoon for the lands of Carrldstoune wt [with] the ptiments [pertinents] £826.16.8
E106/16/1/7 For his lands of pitforkie £413.8.2
E106/16/1/7 [total] £1240.4.10
E106/16/1/7 Menmuire
E106/16/1/7 Laird of balnamoone thr [there] £1349.4.2
E106/16/1/7 Balyordie £473.5.6
E106/16/1/7 balhall £543.8.0
E106/16/1/7 brathinsche £375.17.4
E106/16/1/7 Balrownie £318.8.6
E106/16/1/7 [total] £3060.3.6
E106/16/1/7 Navar
E106/16/1/7 Erle of Panmure thr [there] £261.8.0
E106/16/1/7 Laird of balnamoon thr [there] £58.14.4
E106/16/1/7 Charles Robertsone of nathrow £67.0.10
E106/16/1/7 Robert Erskyne por [portioner] of Tulliearblet £18.6.10
E106/16/1/7 Thomas gray relict pt throf [part thereof] £18.6.10
E106/16/1/7 Andrew erskyne por throf [portioner thereof] £36.16.8
E106/16/1/7 [total] £460.13.6
E106/16/1/7 Edzell Lethnot & Lochlie
E106/16/1/7 Laird of Edzell £3529.15.6
E106/16/1/7 Brechin
E106/16/1/7 Erle of Kingorne thr [there] £1013.19.10
E106/16/1/7 Erle of Southesk thair £1386.6.8
E106/16/1/7 Erle of Panmure thr [there] £1430.4.6
E106/16/1/7 Findowrie £547.4.4
E106/16/1/7 Ladie glenegies £1013.19.10
E106/16/1/7 [Page] 6 [Page] 7
E106/16/1/7 L.s.d. for pounds, shillings and pence, the letters being taken from the Latin librae, solidi and denarii.
E106/16/1/9 Brechin [continued]
E106/16/1/9 Ovir Pitforthie £204.4.8
E106/16/1/9 balnabreich £474.2.4
E106/16/1/9 Holmylne £65.7.0
E106/16/1/9 Cookstowne £409.0.8
E106/16/1/9 Easter Craigend £32.12.0
E106/16/1/9 George croll por [portioner] of Keathick £81.14.4
E106/16/1/9 Heritors of bothers £147.10.8
E106/16/1/9 David Edzear air of keathick £192.10.4
E106/16/1/9 David Edzear relict £139.9.0
E106/16/1/9 [total] £7138.6.10
E106/16/1/9 Stracathrow
E106/16/1/9 Erle of Ethie thair £938.12.4
E106/16/1/9 Erle of Southesk £84.13.8
E106/16/1/9 Stracathrow £899.4.8
E106/16/1/9 Smyddiehill £130.14.0
E106/16/1/9 Newttowne £147.1.4
E106/16/1/9 ballwny £163.8.10
E106/16/1/9 Mylne of Newtoune £98.1.10
E106/16/1/9 Mwirtoune ptaining [pertaining] to balrowny £80.9.0
E106/16/1/9 [total] £2542.5.8
E106/16/1/9 Peart
E106/16/1/9 Erle of Ethie £1549.18.4
E106/16/1/9 Loggie
E106/16/1/9 James Scott of Loggie £637.13.10
E106/16/1/9 Monorgound thr [there] £591.13.6
E106/16/1/9 Lord halkertoune £604.13.4
E106/16/1/9 [total] £1834.0.8
E106/16/1/9 Dwn
E106/16/1/9 Laird of Dwn not lyfrentit and woodsett £1004.19.2
E106/16/1/9 Ladie Dwnywald lyfrent lands thr [there] £735.15.8
E106/16/1/9 Erle of Ethie woodset lands £873.19.6
E106/16/1/9 Newbigging £194.7.0
E106/16/1/9 Whytfeild £279.17.8
E106/16/1/9 Kirkbuddo thr [there] £98.1.10
E106/16/1/9 [total] £3187.0.10
E106/16/1/9 Montroise
E106/16/1/9 James scott relict lyfrent lands thr [there] £233.14.8
E106/16/1/9 Loggie for the remanent lands thr [there] ptaining [pertaining] to his father £435.17.0
E106/16/1/9 Kynnaber £833.6.6
E106/16/1/9 Borroufeild £392.7.8
E106/16/1/9 [total] £1895.5.10
E106/16/1/9 Inchebriock
E106/16/1/9 Dwnynald £784.6.10
E106/16/1/9 James scott of Loggie for baldowie £196.3.8
E106/16/1/9 ovir dysert for struickhill £40.13.0
E106/16/1/9 Laird of Craig or Erle of Dondie for Craig Vlyheaven and Rossie wt [with] eastments £3268.7.4
E106/16/1/9 [total] £4289.10.10
E106/16/1/9 Marytoune
E106/16/1/9 Laird off Fintrie eld [elder] & younger £2193.19.4
E106/16/1/9 Laird of bonytoune £415.16.2
E106/16/1/9 Nather Dysert £482.5.8
E106/16/1/9 ovir Dysert thr [there] £196.3.8
E106/16/1/9 [total] £3288.4.10
E106/16/1/9 Kynnaird
E106/16/1/9 Erle of Southesk thr [there] £1223.3.4
E106/16/1/9 Ardowy £147.1.4
E106/16/1/9 [total] £1370.4.8
E106/16/1/9 Farnall
E106/16/1/9 Erle of Southeske thr [there] £2061.5.10
E106/16/1/9 Futhie £163.8.10
E106/16/1/9 [total] £2224.14.8
E106/16/1/9 Outhlaw
E106/16/1/9 Peter Turnbull woodset of blairrie feddin and hauch £425.0.6
E106/16/1/9 For his woodset of vindieage and shepherd seat £209.11.10
E106/16/1/9 Parkfuird £73.13.6
E106/16/1/9 Aikenhat £65.7.0
E106/16/1/9 alexander kyd eld & yor [elder & younger] for birkinbg £139.6.0
E106/16/1/9 Lord spynie not woodset £704.0.8
E106/16/1/9 Haystoune woodset £422.6.0
E106/16/1/9 Ravelgrein £88.4.2
E106/16/1/9 Hilsyd £58.11.6
E106/16/1/9 easter Ordie £83.13.10
E106/16/1/9 [total] £2269.15.0
E106/16/1/9 Lovnan
E106/16/1/9 Lord Loun £962.1.0
E106/16/1/9 Newgraing thr [there] £139.3.4
E106/16/1/9 Arbeikie £261.8.0
E106/16/1/9 [total] £1362.12.4
E106/16/1/9 Innerkeillor
E106/16/1/9 Erle of Ethie £2752.4.0
E106/16/1/9 Laird of gairdyne £1972.15.10
E106/16/1/9 Breyingtoune £171.9.8
E106/16/1/9 Laird of bonytoune £809.0.10
E106/16/1/9 Lawtoune £237.2.6
E106/16/1/9 [total] £5942.12.10
E106/16/1/9 Kynnell
E106/16/1/9 Erle of Southesk thr [there] £2013.17.4
E106/16/1/9 Newgraing thr [there] £611.14.4
E106/16/1/9 Patrick gray of kynnell £412.5.8
E106/16/1/9 mair for E of K [Erle of Kingorne] for muirmylne £32.12.0
E106/16/1/9 [total] £3070.9.4
E106/16/1/9 [Page] 8 [Page] 9
E106/16/1/9 Vlyheaven = Ulysseshaven
E106/16/1/11 Guthrie
E106/16/1/11 Laird of gairdyne £277.18.2
E106/16/1/11 Laird of guthrie £707.5.6
E106/16/1/11 Pitmowres thr [there] £94.14.4
E106/16/1/11 Kirkbuddo thr [there] £261.8.0
E106/16/1/11 [total] £1341.6.0
E106/16/1/11 Idvy
E106/16/1/11 Lady bonytoune £408.9.4
E106/16/1/11 Laird of bonytoune £130.14.0
E106/16/1/11 Kynneris £98.2.0
E106/16/1/11 Laird of gairdyne £261.8.0
E106/16/1/11 Pitmowres including Friock thr [there] £354.13.8
E106/16/1/11 Lawtoune for pressock £171.12.6
E106/16/1/11 mair for legartstoune and cottoune £212.8.5
E106/16/1/11 Ladie kynnell for midletoune £212.8.5
E106/16/1/11 [total] £1849.16.4
E106/16/1/11 St vigeance
E106/16/1/11 Ladie bonytoune £522.18.10
E106/16/1/11 Collistounes £564.17.0
E106/16/1/11 Thomas Collin relict £48.19.6
E106/16/1/11 South tarrie £261.8.0
E106/16/1/11 Easter Seatoune £294.2.10
E106/16/1/11 Wester Seattoune £196.3.8
E106/16/1/11 Kirktoune of St vigeance £196.3.8
E106/16/1/11 Cairntoune yor [younger] £81.14.4
E106/16/1/11 Guthrie for brax £32.12.0
E106/16/1/11 Newgraing thr [there] £368.13.9
E106/16/1/11 Nicolas Carnegy pt [part] of mwirhousses £100.19.10
E106/16/1/11 Hospitalfeild £176.1.0
E106/16/1/11 gwynd for the rest of mwirhousses £67.0.0
E106/16/1/11 Loachland and peibles £392.7.8
E106/16/1/11 Cairnie £261.8.0
E106/16/1/11 Wardmylne £114.6.4
E106/16/1/11 Precint £72.19.4
E106/16/1/11 Erle of Ethie proper rent thr [there] £881.11.10
E106/16/1/11 For the pt [part] of the Earl of auchmithie possest be his lop [lordship] not lyfrentit £551.6.3
E106/16/1/11 Patrick guthrie of auchmithie relict £167.13.7
E106/16/1/11 [total] £5352.17.0
E106/16/1/11 Fewares thr [there]
E106/16/1/11 Newgate £130.14.0
E106/16/1/11 Cairntoune elder £103.17.6
E106/16/1/11 Marjorie peirsone £46.7.8
E106/16/1/11 James peirsone £23.3.10
E106/16/1/11 Mr Patrick lyell aires £16.7.4
E106/16/1/11 baillie hamiltoune £85.13.4
E106/16/1/11 William Ouchterlouny £28.13.0
E106/16/1/11 John butchart £36.11.0
E106/16/1/11 James Espline £16.7.4
E106/16/1/11 William browne £16.7.4
E106/16/1/11 John Peter £12.5.6
E106/16/1/11 James Haillies £12.5.6
E106/16/1/11 Patrick Ouchterlouny £12.5.6
E106/16/1/11 Issobell hunter £12.5.6
E106/16/1/11 Fewars [continued]
E106/16/1/11 James Philp of Almerieclose £130.14.0
E106/16/1/11 Margaret Ramsay £8.3.8
E106/16/1/11 Patrick merkesone £8.3.8
E106/16/1/11 John allane £8.3.8
E106/16/1/11 John andersone Tailzeor £23.16.10
E106/16/1/11 Mr James Peirsone aires £36.11.2
E106/16/1/11 [total] £768.17.4
E106/16/1/11 Arbirlott
E106/16/1/11 Laird of drwm £3578.17.10
E106/16/1/11 Erle of Panmuir for the lop [lordship] of Aberbrotheck £1262.5.2
E106/16/1/11 Erle of Panmuir rent in arbirlot and St vigeance £1613.19.10
E106/16/1/11 [total] £6455.2.10
E106/16/1/11 Panbryd
E106/16/1/11 Erle of Southesk thr [there] £1065.10.0
E106/16/1/11 Erle of Panmuir thr [there] £2832.7.6
E106/16/1/11 balmachie £147.1.4
E106/16/1/11 Crommiemylne £65.7.0
E106/16/1/11 [total] £4110.5.10
E106/16/1/11 Carmyllie
E106/16/1/11 Erle of Panmuir thr [there] £948.15.6
E106/16/1/11 For crofts and halfe mylntoune £163.8.10
E106/16/1/11 John guthrie for the othr [other] halfe mylntoune £98.2.0
E106/16/1/11 Both £158.1.6
E106/16/1/11 Gwynd thr [there] £278.3.10
E106/16/1/11 Erle of Southesk thr [there] £130.14.0
E106/16/1/11 Mr James guthrie woodset of a pt [part] of Cononsyth £60.8.3
E106/16/1/11 Cononsyth mother lyfrent lands throf [thereof] £60.8.3
E106/16/1/11 William Kart of cononsyth for the rest £42.12.4
E106/16/1/11 [total] £1940.14.6
E106/16/1/11 Barrie
E106/16/1/11 Ravensbie £506.11.2
E106/16/1/11 Woodhill £392.10.4
E106/16/1/11 graing of barrie £392.10.4
E106/16/1/11 mr alexander Ramsay aires for gedhall £24.11.4
E106/16/1/11 Carnewstie £73.13.6
E106/16/1/11 Wardmylne thr [there] £20.6.6
E106/16/1/11 John gray relict £40.13.0
E106/16/1/11 Erle of Panmuir for dayhouse £32.12.0
E106/16/1/11 James Ouchterlouny of cotsyd not woodset £151.0.4
E106/16/1/11 Robert Pettrie for greinslowhill £45.3.4
E106/16/1/11 [total] £2679.11.10
E106/16/1/11 [Page] 10 [Page] 11
E106/16/1/13 Monofuith
E106/16/1/13 Lord balmyrrenoth Including his feu deutie foorth of barrie pt [part] is £123.3.10 £1504.1.0
E106/16/1/13 Laird of graing eld [elder] £899.1.10
E106/16/1/13 Graing yor [younger] £376.0.2
E106/16/1/13 Ardowny £343.5.4
E106/16/1/13 Walter lyell of balhall thr [there] £98.2.0
E106/16/1/13 Kingenny thr [there] £220.12.0
E106/16/1/13 West hall or vinoquhie for a pt [part] of Ethiebeattone £81.14.4
E106/16/1/13 Vinoquhie for the rest of his lands thr [there] £351.3.4
E106/16/1/13 Monorgound for the 2 pt [part] of Lwmlathume £384.8.2
E106/16/1/13 Ladie Powrie Ogilvy for the thrid £163.0.4
E106/16/1/13 Powrie Fothringhame thr [there] £310.10.0
E106/16/1/13 Craigie for the fissheing of broughtie and few £301.13.9
E106/16/1/13 alexander halyburtoune for balgillo & mylnes £564.7.7
E106/16/1/13 for his lands of foorth £98.2.0
E106/16/1/13 [total] £5696.1.10
E106/16/1/13 Moneikie
E106/16/1/13 Erle of Panmuir £3007.16.2
E106/16/1/13 For stotfeild and fallowes £179.7.10
E106/16/1/13 Auchinleck £555.11.0
E106/16/1/13 Pitterlie and guildie £163.9.0
E106/16/1/13 Newbigging £98.2.0
E106/16/1/13 Clayverhouse for densyd £359.9.10
E106/16/1/13 [total] £4363.15.10
E106/16/1/13 Dondie
E106/16/1/13 Erle of Dondie £1799.6.6
E106/16/1/13 Clayverhouse not lyfrentit £303.16.0
E106/16/1/13 Ladie Clayverhouse lyfrent lands thr [there] £597.10.8
E106/16/1/13 Dintrwne £453.4.2
E106/16/1/13 Robert Clayhills of newbigging thr [there] £735.15.10
E106/16/1/13 Pitkerro £294.2.10
E106/16/1/13 Craigie £1176.11.10
E106/16/1/13 Walacecraigie £220.15.0
E106/16/1/13 Blacknes Including 7 aikers In the Westfeild valued to 38£ [pounds] 2s [shillings] 5d [pennies] £1111.4.8
E106/16/1/13 For the aikers cost for the mr [master] of gray £130.14.0
E106/16/1/13 balgay and loggie £703.17.10
E106/16/1/13 William Davidsone aikers mortified to the poore of dondie £49.2.4
E106/16/1/13 Hospitall and kirkmr [kirkmaster] of Dondie for the aikers cost for clayverhouse mortified to the poore £80.9.6
E106/16/1/13 Mr george andersone aires for thr [their] aikers not mortified to the poore £3.16.2
E106/16/1/13 For his aikers mortified to the poore £4.7.6
E106/16/1/13 Isobeil Stibles aires £32.12.0
E106/16/1/13 John peirsone £20.6.6
E106/16/1/13 alexander watsone baillie thr [there] £26.7.4
E106/16/1/13 William stevinsone croft £6.4.2
E106/16/1/13 Patrick Ramsay croft £6.4.2
E106/16/1/13 Thomas watsone baillie croft £22.5.6
E106/16/1/13 Blackscroft £16.7.4
E106/16/1/13 Lord balmyrrenoth for west ferrie £114.6.4
E106/16/1/13 [total] £7889.10.2
E106/16/1/13 hill of dondie
E106/16/1/13 Fewars of the hill of dondie £839.17.10
E106/16/1/13 Benvie
E106/16/1/13 Erle of Dondie thr [there] £947.15.10
E106/16/1/13 Maynes
E106/16/1/13 Laird of Monorgound thr [there] £784.6.8
E106/16/1/13 Clayverhouse thr [there] £555.11.0
E106/16/1/13 Powrie Fothringhame thr [there] £482.3.0
E106/16/1/13 Kirkland thr [there] £138.17.8
E106/16/1/13 [total] £1960.18.9
E106/16/1/13 Murroise
E106/16/1/13 Ballumbie £344.13.6
E106/16/1/13 Lord balmyrrenoth or powrie for Murroise £423.8.8
E106/16/1/13 Powrie Fothringhame thr [there] £999.9.0
E106/16/1/13 Kingenny for east powrie £522.18.10
E106/16/1/13 Westhall £196.3.8
E106/16/1/13 Guthrie for west gargie £196.3.8
E106/16/1/13 Walter lyell for east gargie £81.14.9
E106/16/1/13 [total] £2769.11.8
E106/16/1/13 Tealling
E106/16/1/13 Powrie Fothringhame thr [there] £130.19.0
E106/16/1/13 Tealling besyd Finlarg £930.19.10
E106/16/1/13 Finlarg £114.17.8
E106/16/1/13 Clayverhouse thr [there] £539.6.9
E106/16/1/13 Strickmartyne for pitpoyntie £130.19.0
E106/16/1/13 [total] £1846.11.10
E106/16/1/13 Strickmartyne
E106/16/1/13 Erle of Dundie thr [there] £501.18.2
E106/16/1/13 Laird of Strickmartyne £653.15.8
E106/16/1/13 Robert Bultie relict £28.10.2
E106/16/1/13 [total] £1184.4.0
E106/16/1/13 Auchterhouse
E106/16/1/13 Erle of buchan £1765.9.0
E106/16/1/13 Laird of lundy thr [there] £217.1.6
E106/16/1/13 Dronlaw £441.4.4
E106/16/1/13 Balbeuchlie £114.6.4
E106/16/1/13 James clwny for the templelands of Dronlaw £8.0.0
E106/16/1/13 [total] £2538.1.2
E106/16/1/13 Lundie
E106/16/1/13 Laird of Lundie £947.15.10
E106/16/1/13 Pitlyell and keath £223.14.0
E106/16/1/13 Hew Pyrie for cluschemylne £37.14.0
E106/16/1/13 Lord gray thr [there] £49.2.4
E106/16/1/13 [total] £1258.6.2
E106/16/1/13 [Page] 12 [Page] 13
E106/16/1/14 Liff Loggie and Innergourie
E106/16/1/14 Mr Patrick Leamen of drybrughe £1143.16.10
E106/16/1/14 Newbigging thr [there] £1190.2.10
E106/16/1/14 Nathertoune £277.15.6
E106/16/1/14 Helen grahame £65.7.0
E106/16/1/14 John Thomsone £69.11.6
E106/16/1/14 John mitchell £40.18.6
E106/16/1/14 alexander Watsone por [portioner] of Liff £32.14.10
E106/16/1/14 Edward montague por throf [portioner thereof] £32.14.10
E106/16/1/14 John fines yor [younger] por throf [portioner thereof] £32.14.10
E106/16/1/14 James gray of bulzeon £65.7.0
E106/16/1/14 William Weather £20.6.6
E106/16/1/14 Kingenny thr [there] £253.7.0
E106/16/1/14 Viscount of stormount thr [there] £424.16.10
E106/16/1/14 [total] £3649.14.0
E106/16/1/14 The totall sowme of the whole rents of the shyre Amounts to ane hundreth sextie Fyve thowsand Fyve hundreth nyntie thrie pund four shilling eight pennys £165593.4.8
E106/16/1/14 [Page] 14 This to be just double and extract of the valuations of the rents of the Shyr of forfar as they war valuit be the Commissionars throf [thereof] for the Zeir [Year] Befor exprest Witnesseth the subscription of me William gray of haystoun clerk thrto [thereto] prnt [present] Ednbuh [Edinburgh] [Signed] W Gray