Proprietor and land Valuation
Nather glenylla
Laird of Ruthven thair £699.17.6
Craig Ogilvy £167.10.8
John Rattrey woodset £73.10.8
Laird of bamffe thr [there] £36.16.8
John andersone por [portioner] of auchrenny £40.15.10
Archibald glenny relict ££8.9.4
[total] £997.0.8
over glenylla
John Mackintosche of Forter £261.5.2
Newtowne Ogilvy £240.15.10
Craignitie £102.1.0
Bellatie £102.1.0
John hall and John beg £6.4.2
Thomas clerk £18.7.0
William burnes of holmir £10.3.2
John pattoune Lands of auchleische £14.2.2
Fitspart [Fitspatrick] clerk £16.7.6
Crwnan thair £32.14.10
Over Elrick £24.8.4
Nather Elrick £24.8.4
John pattoune and David smairt pts [parts] of downy £20.9.4
Wester downy £36.16.8
William Mcnicoll pt [part] of eister Inneraritie & downy £27.13.4
Colin patersone and charles grewar thr [there] £20.9.4
Duncan Bressock [arret] £10.3.2
James Hall £4.4.8
Coutterhouse & John hutchelsone £40.5.10
Thomas Olipher yor [younger] £19.6.8
Thomas Olipher elder £61.16.4
William Clerk and Issobell hall pt [part] of Innerraritie £19.12.4
John hall for dalnacebock £21.6.2
James burnes pt throf [part thereof] £21.6.2
Collin clerk pt [part] of Kirktonne £5.12.10
george mitchell pt throf [part thereof] & smyddie rwst £10.14.6
William alexr [alexander] pt [part] of cambock and Kirkhillocks £24.8.4
William burne pt [part] of Kirkhillocks £4.4.8
John baxter pt throf [part thereof] £10.3.2
__ Macknicoll pt [part] of glenmarkie £16.7.6
John Spalding sext pt [part] of bellatie £16.7.6
David spalding lands of Needs £10.3.2
Thomas Macknicoll pt [part] of glenmarkie £16.7.6
[total] £1271.7.8
Eschintillie for his thrid pt [part] of broad Land and thrie pts [parts] of Coldrach £24.11.2
David spalding for his thrid pt [part] of drumforck and sext pt [part] of coldrach £45.0.6
Andrew spalding lands of drumforck £11.3.0
William Rattrey Lands of broadLand £23.3.0
John Brysone Lands of coldrache £11.3.0
John Robertsone Lands throf [thereof] £5.12.10
Donald Robertsone Lands of westertoune £14.2.2
John Rattrey Lands thereof £14.2.2
Johne Adame Lands and mylne £33.17.6
Erle of Airlie tack deutie thr [there] £15.2.0
John Robertsone of Straloche for Deutie thair £29.15.8
[total] £227.13.0
Erle of Kingorne not woodset thr [there] £2468.19.8
Patrick crichtoune woodset thr [there] £154.6.10
Sir david Nevay of Reidie £294.3.0
Land of balfour thr [there] £368.13.6
Graing of Airlie £147.1.6
Blackstowne £155.5.2
Auchindorie £97.16.2
Lord Ogilvy thr [there] £346.18.8
John Smyth woodset thr [there] £12.5.6
[total] £4045.10.0
Erle of Airlie thair besyd qt [quhat] is comptable Be peill eldr [elder] & yor [younger] £367.2.4
Peill elder cwrn rent £53.12.8
For that he hes of Airlie rent £53.12.8
Peill yor [younger] woodset of ballintor £63.8.10
For that rent he hes of Airlie £36.16.8
Lord Ogilvy thr [there] £522.18.10
Aucharrach woodset thr [there] £32.12.0
Shannallie thr [there] £98.1.10
Woodsetter of Ravernie £40.15.10
Perssie ogilvy for easter glenquharritie £89.12.6
Fornathie £81.14.6
[total] £1540.8.8
Laird of balfour thair £513.12.6
be him for the thrid of west baldowie £40.17.8
James fentonne or balfour for ascreawie £81.14.6
Colonell Ogilvy of east baldowie £263.8.10
For the tuo pt [part] of west baldowie be him £81.15.4
Fintrie elder for easter perssie £236.16.10
Thomas and david Ogilvyes of West perssie £163.8.10
John Ramsay of Quharrach £163.8.10
Schannallie pt [part] of Kinclewne £98.1.10
Alexander Lindsay pt [part] throf [thereof] £24.14.0
John burne por throf [portioner thereof] £24.14.0
James smairl por throf [portioner thereof] £24.14.0
John peddie por throf [portioner thereof] £12.5.8
William Stewart por throf [portioner thereof] £12.5.8
Erle of Airlie thr [there] £180.19.0
Lord Ogilvy thr [there] £110.13.2
Andrew barnett woodsett £22.6.0
David barnett woodset £22.6.0
[total] £1978.2.8
Laird of Loggie proper and woodset rent thr [there] £1315.15.2
Laird of Fintrie eld [elder] for glenprossin £392.7.8
For his Lands of the mylne of Kirremure and its [phuerrs] £196.3.10
Erle of Kingorne for balmuckattie £285.16.4
Cossines for Kyntyrie £100.9.10
Laird of balfour for his woodset of Auchleyche and Kinquhirrie £228.16.0

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