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Att Edinburgh the [_]
day of [_] 1693
I George Gordone Colector of the hearth money
within the Steuartrie of Kilcudbright In Galoway
Heirby decalir wpon My oath solemnlie In presence
of The Lordes of their Maties [Majesties] Thesaurie That the
List of hearthes contained in this book Extending
to Three Thousand Tua Hundreth fourtie foure
qch [quhich] are payed and Ane Hundreth sextine which
are unpayed is a trew and just list of all the
hearthes within the forsaid stewartrie amounting to
Tuentie nyne parochins, to the best of my knouledge
Excepting four hearthes of poor And that I have
used the outmost of my indevour to Come to the
knouledge of all the hearthes of the saids parochins
And that I have not wittinglie nor willinglie
concealled any But given vp the samen as said is
As I shall ansr [answer] To God.

Edr [Edinburgh] 15th March 1694
In presence of The Earle of Cassillis one of the Lords Comres [Commissioners]
of their Maties [Majesties] Thery [Thesaury] Compeared George Gordon Collt [Collector] of the Hearths
Money within the stewartrie of Kirkcudbright; who being sworn
& examined declared, That the forsaid list of hearths, Extending to
Three thousand two hundred fourty four, which are payed. and ane
hundred & sixtein which are unpayed & deficient & were given up
in a list by the Gentlemen of Heretors of the stewartrie not to be poor
people, ------ not in the session Roll X [& yet found so poor by the deponent
as he could not recover payt [payment] from them] with four poor qualified accord [according]
to Law. Is a just & true List of all the hearths in the forsd [forsaid] stewartry
to the best of his knowledge. And that he hes used his outmost
endeavours, Conform to proclamations of Councell, anent the Ingathering
of the hearth=mony [money]. To attaine to the knowledge of all the hearths
within the forsd [forsaid] bounds, and that he hes not wittingly nor willingly
concealed any bot given wp the samen truely as said is. And
this is the truth as he shall answere to God.
George Gordone

Transcriber's notes

Text in the margin [& yet found so poor by the deponent as he could not recover payt [payment] from them] has been inserted at X following Session roll

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