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Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Servants names Number of servants Bachelor servants One servant Two servants Three or more servants Duty
60 9 20 10 21 £24.10.0
Kilmure Easter Parish omitted
29 Jan 1790 Capt. [Captain] Alexander McKenzie Revas Elizabeth Fassilis Housekeeper
Ann McKenzie Chmd [Chamber maid]
Isobel Bisset Cook
Catherine McKenzie Ho: maid [House maid]
4 4 £2.0.0

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Survey Continued



I John Barclay surveyor aforesaid, do hereby certify That upon careful examination of
the foregoing Rates and Duties, on the two preceding pages, I find they amount in whole to
Twenty Six pounds ten Shillings, and that upon the Ninth day of December current, I
delivered to Roderick McKenzie of Scots burn Collector of the Said duties for the Shire
aforesaid an exact Duplicate of the preceding Acct.[Account] duly examined & compared with the
foregoing, which contained my Oath, that the said Acct.[Account] that contained the number of Servants
returned to me and were kept by the Masters or Mistress's According to the best of my
knowledge or information.
Tain 21st Decr [December] 1789
John Barclay asst [assistant] Surveyor.

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