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5 Female servants @ £0.2.6 Each is £0.12.6
2 Female Servants @ £0.5.0 Each is £0.10.0
10 Female Servants @ £0.2.6 Each is £1.5.0
10 Female Servants @ £0.5.0 Each is £2.10.0
4 female Servants @ £0.10.0 Each is £2.0.0
Sum total £6.17.6

William Brunton surveyor afordsaid do herby Certify that upon careful examination of the forgoing Tax[es]
amount in whole to the Sum of Six pound Seventeen Shillings and Six pence and that upon the Eighteenth
day of December 1790 I delivered to John Robertson Collector of said dutys for the Shire aforesaid a Copy of them
duty compared which Contained my Oath that Requisitions were left with the forgoing persons that they were [to]
be charged with the Sum Set against their Several Names.
[Signed] William Brunton

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