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Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Servants names Number of servants Bachelor servants One servant Two servants Three or more servants Duty
1789 County of Morray Brought Over 82 18 36 18 10 £26.10.0

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Survey of FEMALE SERVANTS TAX. Continued

6 Batchelors Servants @ £0.5.0 each £1.10.0
2 Batchelors Servants @ £0.10.0 each £1.0.0
10 Batchelors Servants @ £1.0.0 each £10.0.0
36 Batchelors Servants @ £0.2.6 each £4.10.0
18 Batchelors Servants @ £0.5.0 each £4.10.0
10 Batchelors Servants @ £0.10.0 each £5.0.0

I Patrick McDonald Surveyor do make Oath that an exact duplicate of the
foregoing was delivered to John Duff Collector in the County of Morray And the
several Inhabitants were duly served with requisitions Patrick McDonald Suryr [Surveyor]
Sworn before me at Forres 5 Jany [January] 1790
William Moyes J.P [Justice of the Peace]

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